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BRAND NEW! Articles from 57 noted brass players from around the world. Tuba contributors include Kenneth Amis, Roger Bobo, Velvet Brown, James Gourlay, Toby Hanks, Daniel Perantoni, Jon Sass, and Deanna Swoboda.

The name "cookbook" denotes that all the contributors can offer tips to "brew up" some very fine playing. Articles are related to topics such as brass playing, tips on a specific brass instrument, musicality, or performing in an ensemble.

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College Level Tuba Curriculum A College Level Tuba Curriculum Developed Through the Teaching Techniques of William Bell, Harvey Phillips, and Daniel Perantoni at Indiana University Written by Dr. Geoffrey Whitehead and the result of his doctoral study and friendship with Mr. Phillips and Mr. Perantoni. It is full of information about studying and teaching the tuba, as well as an extensive annotated and graded literature list of the materials used by the three greatest tuba teachers of all time.
Treatise on Tuba A Treatise on the Tuba 280 pages of words, pictures, and information of interest to anyone having a fascination about this versatile instrument. Many pictures of past and present day tubists, Bios of historical greats and leading professionals of present day. History of the tuba. Extensive technical discussion including fingering charts of regular and substitute fingerings for tubas in all keys. Unusual tubas. Giant tubas. Orchestra excerpts and intonation tips. Learn more...
Wind and Song - Arnold Jacobs Program Notes for the Solo Tuba This volume is a guide to 88 of the most important works for the solo tuba. Most of the program notes were written by the composers themselves. Edited by Gary Bird.
Wind and Song - Arnold Jacobs Song and Wind Chronicles the career of Arnold Jacobs.
Learn more...
Wind and Song - Arnold Jacobs The Art of Tuba and Euphonium An excellent resource written by low brass experts Harvey Phillips and William Winkle. A must-have for serious students at a discount price. See latest price or to purchase...
Online / WEB Resources
  ITEA The International Euphonium-Tuba Association is an invaluable resource for euphonium and tuba players. You will find useful articles and resources, reviews, and if you become a member you get a terrific printed quarterly journal.
  James Gourlay Website The excellent tubist, James Gourlay, has a very fine website with samples of his playing and downloadable sheet music. Also his performance schedule, biography, photos, etc.
  Sheet Music The online store Sheet Music Plus features over 387,000 sheet music titles for virtuallly all instruments and ensembles. Very fine customer service.
  Tuba CD's A page on this site that lists dozens of recordings featuring tuba, all of which are easily purchased on the Internet. Visit the Tuba CD page...
Arnold Jacobs Arnold Jacobs: Portrait of an Artist This fine recording by Arnold Jacobs is a "must-have" for all tuba and euphonium players. There are many exerpts of his playing as well as several of his clinic sessions where he explains various musical and brass concepts.
Tubby the Tuba - Tommy Johnson Patrick Sheridan: Bon Bons A new CD by the great Pat Sheridan. Includes: Hora Staccato, Estrellita, Minute Waltz, Vocalise, Op.34, No.14, Mexican Hat Dance, Apres Un Reve, Carnival Of Venice, and nine more.
Tubby the Tuba - Tommy Johnson Jim Self: The Big Stretch A variety of music from solo tuba to six tubas, tuba and piano, brass quintet, tuba and harp, and tuba and midi.
New England Reveries - Mark Nelson, tuba New England Reveries Noted educator and performer Mark Nelson offers an exciting original program. Pieces include Fantasia Breve, Parable for Solo Tuba, New England Reveries, Escher's Sketches, and Sonata-Fantasia. Follow the link at left to see the latest price or to purchase.
Tubby the Tuba - Tommy Johnson Tubby the Tuba Tommy Johnson and The Manhattan Transfer Company. Learn more...
Brassed Off Soundtrack Kevin Morgan - the Virtuoso Tuba A great CD with 20 traditional solos. Titles as diverse as Carnival of Venice, I Could Have Danced All Night, Facilita, Cabaret, The Bare Necessities from the Jungle Book, and more.  Click to purchase or hear sample tracks...
Brassed Off Soundtrack Brassed Off Not a tuba recording, but of interest to any brass player.  Learn more...
Roger Bobo - Tuba Libera Roger Bobo - Tuba Libera One of the world's best tuba players. Purchase this album with a secure credit card order by following this link: click here
Floyd Cooley Dave Gannett - Tubas From Hell A fine "jazzy" recording with a wonderful cover photo! Purchase this album with a secure credit card order by following this link: click here
Floyd Cooley Floyd Cooley - Romantic Tuba A beautifully lyrical tuba player, at his best on this album. Purchase this album with a secure credit card order by following this link: click here
Sam Pilafian Sam Pilafian - Perception-Music For Tuba Long-time favorite for classical or jazz tuba. Purchase this album with a secure credit card order by following this link: click here
Gene Pokorny Gene Pokorny - Tuba Tracks A fine collection of music by the fantastic tubist Gene Pokorny. Purchase this album with a secure credit card order by following this link: click here
Gene Pokorny Gene Pokorny - Orchestral Excerpts For Tuba Chicago Symphony tubist and an all-around gentleman. Gene offers his musical insight by example on this invaluable recording. Purchase this album with a secure credit card order by following this link: click here
Mighty Tubadours Jozsef Bazsinka - Waves Nine tracks with an excellent assortment of music. Click to purchase...
Mighty Tubadours Tubadours - Mighty Tubadours How to have fun with tuba quartet!   Purchase this album with a secure credit card order by following this link: click here
Just For Fun
Tubby the Tuba - Tommy Johnson Tuba Lessons For ages 4 to 8 - a story about a boy's adventures on the way to his tuba lesson. Great fun for about $12.60. Click here to purchase or read a review...
  Skeletons Don't Play Tubas Reading level ages 9-12. By Debbie Dadey, Marcia Thornton Jones (Contributor), John Steven Gurney (Illustrator). Only $3.99!
Tubby the Tuba - Tommy Johnson Karen's Tuba (from the Baby Sitters Club Series) Karen's class is taking music lessons, and all of the kids are getting instruments! Instead of a beautiful flute, Karen ends up with a tuba.
Tubby the Tuba - Tommy Johnson Playing the Tuba at Midnight Subtitled The Joys and Challenges of Singleness. In this light and humorous book, Roberta Rand highlights the ups and downs, opportunities and challenges, pitfalls and possibilities of the single life.

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