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Tuba CD: Michael Goderd and Dave Bargeron - Tuba Tuba - Eleven tracks of exciting tuba playing!
Euphonium CD: Stepping Stones - Pat Stuckemeyer playing a wonderful selection of music, from student to professional level in difficulty.
Tuba CD: Velvet Brown - A wide variety of music from this fine tubist.
Brass: Philip Jones - Greatest Hits of Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
Euphonium Jazz CD: Life's a Take - Rich Matteson and Red Mitchell - 2 jazz greats!

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Count Your Blessings - Euphonium and Piano (11/28/2023)
Christmas is coming and here is a simple, pretty song from the movie "White Christmas." Full video in this link.
Morceau Symphonic - Euphonium and Piano (11/25/2023)
A recording from a few years ago, with a little extra frill in the cadenza!
I'll Be Seeing You - Euphonium Solo - Full Version (11/10/2023)
This was part of The USCG Band's remembrance of WWII. I added some extended ornamentation to the later part of the solo!
Rose Etudes for Euphonium (11/08/2023)
This book will really help you with technique AND with putting MUSIC into the technique!
Sheet Music for Monti's Czardas (10/16/2023)
The version I use if from the Childs Brothers book linked here.
The Comfy Euph Strap (10/08/2023)
Here is the link with details and pricing about the wonderful Comfy Euph Strap. It is a MUCH more comfortable way to hold onto my horn, and I use it EVERY time I play!
Euphonium Excerpt Book (09/12/2023)
The first LEGAL book of euphonium excerpts. Here is a link to get it!
Sunday Kind of Love - Sheet Music (09/10/2023)
Get the downloadable music for this nice Louis Prima ballad. This is the arrangement I used in my video.
Commando March and Other Euphonium Excerpts (08/26/2023)
This is the first LEGAL euphonium excerpt book published! Marches, transcriptions, original band works, and orchestral excerpts (transposed)
Tarantella - Euphonium Unaccompanied Solo. (08/24/2023)
This is one of the harder pieces to be included in my book of 32 unaccompanied pieces to be published soon.
Sousa: Invincible Eagle March - Excerpts (08/22/2023)
Playing this from my Euphonium Excerpt Book. Here is the link to get the book.
English Country Garden for Euphonium-Tuba Quartet (08/20/2023)
The U.S. Coast Guard Euphonium-Tuba Quartet at the Armed Forces School of Music. This is my arrangement, part of a 4-movement suite called Songs of the British Isles.
Come to the Fair - Church Postlude (08/18/2023)
This is my own arrangement. Find the sheet music at this link.
Elvis Medley - Music for Euphonium-Tuba Quartet (08/16/2023)
This is from my suite called Elvis Has Entered the Building. You can find the sheet music at this link.
Euphonium Excerpts (08/14/2023)
The first LEGAL book of euphonium excerpts. Here is a link to get it!
Playing Euphonium in Church (08/12/2023)
Here is a blog post with links to the material I use for playing on hymns, etc.
The Melody Shop March (08/06/2023)
Link to the euphonium-tuba quartet sheet music, for immediate download or in printed form.
Sleeping Beauty Waltz - Sheet Music Link (08/02/2023)
Here is the sheet music for my euphonium-tuba quartet arrangement of Tchaikovsky's lovely waltz.
Spinning Song by Mendelssohn/Werden - Euphonium with Piano or Band (07/09/2023)
A challenging piece that I wrote as a showcase or encore. Lots of notes!
Article: The Wisdom of David Werden (06/13/2023)
Published in The Instrumentalist Magazine. This is part 1.
Two Songs from Holst's 2nd Suite in F (04/10/2023)
The 2nd Suite is my favorite, and I wanted to make these movements available for euphonium players to perform with piano.
Fillmore's "In Uniform" March with Free Sheet Music (01/06/2023)
Marches are good practice, and this one has nothing very difficult. You can practice it and work for style!
Karl King's "The Kentucky Derby" march. (11/30/2022)
Wonderful euphonium lines. The YouTube description has a link to get the euph parts for free!
Carrollton March by Karl King (11/03/2022)
Get the TC and BC euphonium parts from links in the YouTube description, PLUS there is a link to my euphonium-tuba quartet arrangement of the march!
Euphonium Parts for March - The Attorney General by Karl King (10/16/2022)
The breakup strain from this march was posted on Oct 16
Steven Mead, euphonium: "Fantasia di Concerto" by Edoardo Boccalari. U.S. Army Band Conference, 1994 (09/25/2022)
A very challenging piece, especially when performing it live with band, and Steven did a great job. Conducting the Army Band was Capt. David C. Cole (Director of Music, The Band of H.M. Royal Marines).
King Cotton march by Sousa - Sheet Music (08/31/2022)
Here is the sheet music for my euphonium & piano version of King Cotton. Nice way to play Sousa when there is no band available.
Sousa's "The Gridiron March" (08/29/2022)
The YouTube video linked here has my full practice session. In the YouTube description you'll find links to download (free) the sheet music.
Fairest of the Fair march by Sousa (08/25/2022)
My arrangement for euphonium and piano is available at this link.
Sheet Music for Lambs March (07/24/2022)
Download the treble and bass clef parts for this Sousa march. Listen to my video for an example (on my YouTube channel)
Full Review of ABC Heavy 4th Valve Cap (06/01/2022)
Here are my thoughts on the cap system. There are photos to explain thing plus links to videos.
Werden: "International Songbook for Euphonium". Sheet Music Book. (04/10/2022)
My collection of 19 songs is now published and ready to go! It's called "International..." because there are songs from the USA, England, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, and Austria. The Cimarron Music page linked here has audio of all the songs in a convenient list.
Gervaise "Allemande" with Piano (04/08/2022)
Part of my new International Songbook for Euphonium, sheet music now available from Cimarron Music at this link.
Fantasy for Euphonium by Philip Sparke. (02/03/2022)
From the Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic in 1991.
Great Plains Regional Tuba-Euphonium Conference. (01/16/2022)
In May, 2022, come to Des Moines, Iowa, to hear dozens of great tubists, euphoniumists, and ensembles!
Double-Bell Euphonium Demonstration and "An Die Musik" Performance. (01/07/2022)
A piece from my recital in 2015 at the University of Iowa. I start by talking about the double-bell euphonium and doing some short demonstrations. This is followed by a performance showing a simple but effective way to use the double-bell contrast on a Schubert song.
John Boda's "Sonatina" - Live Performance at Indiana University, 1990. (12/23/2021)
This was the first piece I had ever heard for euphonium and synthesizer, thanks to Brian Bowman's first solo album where this was a featured number.
Danny Boy - Dave Werden. (11/11/2021)
Oh, Danny Boy: Euphonium Solo - Dave Werden. This is from a live performance of The U.S. Coast Guard Band, and Danny Boy was used as an encore.
U.S. Coast Guard Band - Dance of the Jesters. (11/10/2021)
From a live concert in the early 1990's by The United States Coast Guard Band.
They Didn't Believe Me - 5 Euphoniums. (11/08/2021)
This lovely Jerome Kern song works well for mellow low instruments. The arrangement here was originally done for 5 trombones. I believe the arrangement is by the late Bernie Pressler (Ball State University).
Dahl Sinfonietta Euphonium Excerpts (or baritone horn), including a band performance. (10/30/2021)
My college band played this piece at the MENC convention while I was there. This recording includes my playing the excerpts alone this year, plus the band recording from about 50 years ago!
"Golden Slumbers Kiss Your Eyes" - Lovely Old Hymn/Ballad. (10/25/2021)
Here is a good example of why we don't stop practicing after we know the notes. There are several connections between notes that I was not happy with. Perhaps when I was playing full-time such things would have come on the first attempt, but these days I need to practice to get them back.
Muss i Denn (Wooden Heart) - Euphonium Quartet - From Elvis Presley Suite. (10/21/2021)
This is from a suite of music that is associated with Elvis Presley. I arranged it for euphonium-tuba quartet, but here is one movement played on 4 euphoniums (all me). Link to sheet music is in the YouTube description.
Euphonium Solo: "Bist Du Bei Mir" Arranged by Dave Werden (New). Church Offering Video. (10/20/2021)
This is from our church service on Oct 18. It's a brand-new arrangement that we are trying out!
Euphonium: Extending a Cadenza, Plus "La Belle Americaine" Full Performance. (10/17/2021)
I show how I extended the cadenza from "La Belle Americaine" when I performed it. No particular music-theory knowledge is required. Then there is the full performance with the Coast Guard Band when I played the piece a few decades ago.
Trumpeters Lullaby, Euphonium Demonstration and Performance Advice. (10/16/2021)
A very popular solo at one time, written by Leroy Anderson. I show you the first section and then talk about a performance consideration that is important if you want the foot-tappers in the audience to like what you did!
Euphonium Solo - La Belle Americaine, David Werden. (10/11/2021)
John Hartmann's La Belle Americaine, played by euphonium soloist David Werden with The United States Coast Guard Band. The solo was written for cornet originally, but is often played on euphonium.
Euphonium / Cornet Piece: "Sea Flower Polka" by Rollinson - from My Practice Lately. (10/09/2021)
Andante and first part of the Polka. This is a nice solo, contained within a book I purchased while I was in high school. Arthur Lehman also included it in his own "Art of Euphonium" book. Fortunately, the cornet book I'm playing from here is still available (expanded somewhat). See the YouTube description for a link.
Variations 1 & 2 of "Emmet's Lullaby" by T.V. Short. (10/07/2021)
This is a nice solo, contained within a book I purchased while I was in high school. Arthur Lehman also included it in his own "Art of Euphonium" book. Fortunately, the cornet book I'm playing from here is still available (expanded somewhat).
"Emmet's Lullaby" by T.V. Short (Theme) - Euphonium Practice from a Book of Cornet Solos. (10/06/2021)
This is a nice solo, contained within a book I purchased while I was in high school. Arthur Lehman also included it in his own "Art of Euphonium" book. Fortunately, the cornet book I'm playing from here is still available (expanded somewhat).
"Flocktonian Polka" by Casey - Euphonium Practice from a Book of Cornet Solos. (10/05/2021)
This is a rather nice solo, contained within a book I purchased while I was in high school. Fortunately, the book is still available. See the YouTube description for the link to the sheet music.
Forsberg "Serenade" for Euphonium and Piano: First Reading Session Snippets. (10/02/2021)
Henry Charles Smith commissioned this important piece for euphonium and orchestra, and the composer has now made his piano accompanied version available through Cimarron Music. While it is nice to have an orchestra to accompany you, his piano part is quite nice and it makes this piece much more practical for most euphoniumists.
"Song and Dance" by Frackenpohl. Roger Behrend, euphonium; David Porter, tuba. Midwest Clinic, 1990. (10/01/2021)
A fun little romp through this piece by Arthur Frackenpohl, playing with the Lake Braddock Secondary School Band (Virginia).
Adagio from Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata - Euphonium Quartet. (09/30/2021)
The lovely piano piece by Beethoven uses chords and interplay that work well with a euphonium-tuba quartet. (The "performance" here could use more rubato, but I had very little liberty in a multi-track recording.) I arranged it many years ago but never had a chance to record it until now. I did so with euphonium on all parts - it works a bit better with two tubas on the bottom.
Euphonium: "Tarantella" - Nice Piece by W.H. Squires. Good for Practicing Style and Technique. (09/28/2021)
I confess - this was not an original idea. Leonard Falcone included it on one of his LP's and I've liked it since the first time I heard it. But it's not easy!
Adjuntant Sickle's March - Euphonium Practice and FREE Downloadable Parts. (09/27/2021)
I discovered this march by accident and decided to keep it in my practice folder. There are some interesting ragtime-like sections in it, which are a real challenge to sight-read (especially with the misprint in the intro of the treble clef part!). But it is fun once you get into it!
Euphonium Duet "Energico" by Peter Graham. (09/26/2021)
A fun romp by Peter Graham, which proved to be a handy lock-down multitrack project for the COVID situation. The YouTube description has a link to download the sheet music (free).
Henry Charles Smith playing Hovhannes Symphony No. 29 for Baritone Horn and Orchestra (Euphonium). (09/24/2021)
It is usually heard with orchestra, but this recording is the premier of the BAND-accompanied version. It is from an Interlochen broadcast.
"Quadrabones" Euphonium Jazz-Style Practice - Last Page of This Piece. (09/23/2021)
This was written by Dick Hyman for Urbie Green (who recorded it in multi-track). I'm practicing the end of the 1st trombone part. One challenge is found in the trills written. For this style, they should not be too "polite" so I used a shake instead of a finger or lip trill. My left hand was moving the horn quickly back & forth on these notes, which creates a rougher sound. (This is a common technique for trumpet players.)
Jack Teagarden, EUPHONIUM! "Old Man River" . (09/22/2021)
It is known that Jack Teagarden had played euphonium when he was young. As far as I know, this is the ONLY example of Jack playing jazz on euphonium (from 1959). He does pretty well with the whole valve thing! (Thanks to Jerry Young for enlightening me to this unusual recording!)
Brass Instrument Warm-Down: 2 Ways, 1 Is Automated! Euphonium, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Horn, Cornet. (09/21/2021)
When you work your chops hard you should probably do a good "warm down" session. Some brass players choose to do this for each practice/rehearsal/performance. One great way is to play soft, low notes. But there is a little gadget that can help you warm-down and relax the chops when you don't have your horn handy or can't make any noise.
Simone Mantia, Euphonium: "Auld Lang Syne" (with Variations). Recorded with Band Accompaniment, 1905. (09/20/2021)
The great Simone Mantia displaying his facility with this theme & variations arrangement of "Auld Lang Syne." I did my best to clean up the sound from the old 78rpm record. In any case, Mantia's brilliance comes through! For perspective, this record cost 65 cents when is was first sold.
Euphonium Solo: Schubert "Serenade" - with Sara Brunk piano. New Arrangement by Dave Werden. (09/18/2021)
This lovely song of Schubert's has long been a favorite of mine, and has been played by low brass players from other arrangements. For this version, I chose a slightly lower key to take advantage of the euphonium's natural depth and resonance.
"Them There Eyes" - Euphonium Practice. (09/05/2021)
A quick run-through as we try to put together the "form" for our version of this piece. We almost have it decided!
"Morning Song" Euphonium Practice. Roger Kellaway, Written for Roger Bobo. (09/04/2021)
This is a great piece for euphonium. It fits the range and abilities of the euphonium perfectly - straight out of a "writing for euphonium" book! But me in particular, I need to clean up my fast single tongue and my flexibility. This is a fine piece to practice those things, and in fact I used the practice to get me ready for a performance last week!
How to Build Dynamic Facility, Improve Your Expressiveness! (09/03/2021)
We think of "facility" in terms of fast notes or intervals, but your dynamics need to be facile as well. You should be comfortable making very fast changes, even in a legato context. Here is a practice tip to help you build facility.
How to Play Articulations when None Are Marked. "Kind Words" Used for Demo. (09/02/2021)
Often in legato passages we see NO articulations in the sheet music. When the passage is legato we need to be very careful with our attacks, note connections, and note length. Here is an example from the Salvation Army solo "Kind Words"
Something Different and Fun: Doc Severinsen and Johnny Carson. (09/01/2021)
Doc is subbing for Ed McMahon this night and sets Johnny up for a routine. But Doc adds a LOT of his own style to the gig!
Kerry Dance - Fun Irish Tune to Practice. (08/31/2021)
This song makes a brief appearance in my arrangement of Endearing Young Charms, Cadenza!
Maintenance: Grease Can *Clean* Slides! Euphonium, Trumpet, French Horn, Tuba, Cornet, Flugelhorn. (08/29/2021)
I'll show you my technique for greasing my tuning slides. But as part of that process, you may find some grit has gotten into the slide receiver. This shows you how to take care of that!
Euphonium Practice: "The Warrior" - Opening Verse & Cadenza. (08/26/2021)
Most of us have played Philip Catelinet's "Andante and Rondo" (an arrangement of Capuzzi's bass concerto). Here is an original composition by Philip, done as part of his Salvation Army life. This is the opening section and the cadenza.
"Ye Banks and Braes." Slow Melody. (08/24/2021)
Practicing for fun, from my Salvation Army book of solos. The book has 8 original euphonium solos plus 4 transcriptions (the cover is shown at the end of the video).
Wessex Sinfonico Mouthpiece Bits - A Closer Look at the Small, Medium & Large Mouthpiece "Receivers". (08/23/2021)
The Sinfonico comes standard with a removable receiver end ("bit"), which is what the mouthpiece fits into. By changing this piece, you can choose to play on a mouthpiece that uses any of 3 common shank sizes (tenor trombone / small, European / Besson / Medium, or bass trombone / large). Here is a deeper dive into how those work and also something to watch out for.
Love Divine - Prelude, Horn, Euphonium and Piano. By John Stainer, arr. by Dave Werden. (08/22/2021)
A lovely version of "Love Divine" written by John Stainer, which I first arranged for trumpet, euphonium, and piano, and then re-did for this service to use French horn. Judy Tonolli was our horn player, and Meg Redmond was on piano. (Sorry for the sound with bell covers on, but it was necessary.)
Bob Haven: "Opus One" - Jazz Trombone Feature in this Tommy Dorsey Hit. (08/17/2021)
This guy is why I used to watch the Lawrence Welk Show when I could. Bob is one of the best Dixie/jazz players ever and was a regular on the Welk show from 1960-1982.
"I Was Dreaming" - Euphonium and Piano. (08/16/2021)
Brand-new arrangement! "I Was Dreaming" by Juncker, a 19th-century song that has a very interesting melody.
A/B Play-Test - The Wessex Sinfonico and my own Adams E3. (08/14/2021)
How close can the Sinfonico to a horn that is 3x the price? Here are 12 excerpts, played on each horn. What do you think?
Wessex Sinfonico - Overview, Design, Features. (08/13/2021)
Here is a look at some close-up specifics about the Sinfonico. Design, a couple of suggestions for Wessex.
Full Review of Wessex Sinfonico (08/12/2021)
Lots of text, some photos, intonation chart, and links to 2 videos!
How to Make Euphonium Water Keys Better - Rethinking a Very Old Design. (08/07/2021)
Water keys are a necessary evil of brass instrument. You have to empty them, of course, and they interfere slightly with the air flow inside the horn. I had Adams Brass customize my own E3 euphonium with a configuration I really like - it is faster to empty water and less disruptive visually for the audience.
Invercargill March by Lithgow. (08/06/2021)
SHEET MUSIC LINK for the treble and bass clef euphonium parts.
Practice: Invercargill March, intro & 1st 2 strains. (08/05/2021)
Marches are rich in practice opportunities: rhythm, dynamics, articulation, melodies, counter-melodies, and even bass lines. This one is perfect for euphonium, partly because of all the counter-melody lines it contains.
Practicing Haydn's Trumpet Concerto, 3rd Mvt. (08/02/2021)
Why? Because you can hear some of the world's best trumpet players perform this and then try to emulate them. A free lesson!
"The Summer Knows" (Theme from the movie "The Summer of '42") (08/01/2021)
Practicing a popular song that you know is a good way to improve your range of expression. Just try to phrase/express just the way you hear it in your head!
Beautiful Colorado - Practicing for the first time in many decades! (07/31/2021)
This is a great piece, which I played for contest in high school. Now seems like a good time to work it up again.
"Everything Happens to Me" - Practicing the nice old Frank Sinatra standard. (07/30/2021)
We all sometimes feel that everything happens to us! This song has a very clever melody, using diminished chords to set the mood.
Song Without Words from Holst's 2nd Suite in F. Practicing the Euphonium and Piano Version. (07/29/2021)
This is from a 2-movement suite I wrote for euphonium and piano, which used this movement and the great "March" with its euphonium solo already built in.
Baritone Horn, Part of the Euphonium Family. (07/28/2021)
A full demonstration from my 2019 recital, including some talk and quick demos, plus some full pieces played on a British baritone horn.
Euphonium Strategy: Bell Angle. (07/27/2021)
I found a great use in "FLOW" & a Sparke Piece. Many Possibilities!
"Secret" Feature in Metronomes! Freedom of Choice. (07/26/2021)
If you didn't read the instructions carefully you might have missed this feature in KORG metronome. You can choose between "old-fashioned" tempo settings (88, 92, 96, 100, etc) and any number (88, 89, 90, 91, 92, etc).
Frank Fiol: "Original Fantasy" - with U.S. Navy Band, Early 1970's. (07/25/2021)
In Fiol's early career he was a dynamic euphonium soloist in The United States Navy Band (Washington, D.C.). Next he get a masters degree in tuba and moved to Europe to play in an orchestra there. I heard him in person play both instruments and his talent came through equally on either.
We'll Meet Again, Popular Song from WWiI that is fitting for our world today. (07/24/2021)
Sheet Music Link.
Hungarian March (Berlioz) - Euphonium/Tuba Quartet. (07/23/2021)
Our quartet playing my arrangement of this popular piece. It goes over nicely with virtually any type of audience.
"Lonesome Road" - Euphonium / Baritone Practice. Popular Song from 1927 - (07/22/2021)
Lonesome Road is a song most of know well, whether from radio, TV, or other recordings. Playing such a song is very good practice. It helps you shape your expression as you play it, which is good for developing your range of expression.
"Lonely Road" by Vadala - Euphonium Solo with Jazz Ensemble, Live Performance (07/21/2021)
The great sax player Chris Vadala (1948-2019) was with The United States Coast Guard Band for 4 years, and during that time he made his mark in several ways. He was our lead/solo sax in the jazz ensemble, which is heard on this recording. Chris was also a composer. Because I was also playing in the jazz ensemble (on trombone, but my main instrument is euphonium), Chris wrote this piece to use the euphonium's unique sound.
Rafael Mendez: Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs), Recorded in 1944. Amazing Trumpet Playing! (07/20/2021)
I believe this is the earliest recording of Mendez that I have ever heard. It is from the radio show "Music Depreciation" and aired in Nov. 1944. The sound surges a little because of the storage of the old recording, but the playing comes through loud and clear. In one spot it almost sound like Mendez tried to outrun his amazing tongue!
Sheet Music for Edelweiss (07/19/2021)
A great song for practice! Get the interactive sheet music download at this link.
Doc Severinsen and Johnny Carson Demonstrate Emptying Water from Brass Instruments! (07/17/2021)
This is a funny bit...but it makes a good point, and is something we brass players need to be aware of. Doing what we need to do is not necessarily attractive to the audience (which is why Doc originally did this off camera).
How To Expand a Forte on Euphonium, Demo with Barat Introduction and Dance. (07/16/2021)
Is a Forte always the same volume? NO! But it must maintain the proper "character" for its context. Does the music require an aggressive (trombone-like) forte? Or perhaps a big, bold (tuba-like) forte? Or??
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone: "Feelings" - from an Airmen of Note LP. (07/15/2021)
Dave Steinmeyer is a good jazz player, and he also has a lovely ballad style. The latter is demonstrated here, as is his amazing high range!
Euphonium Practice: "No Moon at All" - Pop/Jazz Song from 1947 (Download Link Included). (07/14/2021)
This bouncy, soft-swing tune is great fun, but it's a little difficult to get the style just right. I'm getting close to what I want, but if I perform it I'll need to work to internalize it better.
"A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" - Euphonium Practice (Baritone Horn). (07/13/2021)
A great old song that was sung my a number of big-name singers. I tend to like songs that have the ascending/descending shape in their lines. The exception is the last part of the bridge, where it takes a turn upward; it makes a nice little surprise.
Bach: "Air from Suite No. 3" - A Euphonium Challenged with LONG Phrases (07/12/2021)
This is not only a great piece to perform, but is also wonderful practice! Long phrases need steady breath support and smooth expression. You can get this arrangement (for trombone or euphonium) by using the link in the YouTube description.
Working on the song "Wave" (Jobim). (07/11/2021)
I always liked it, but got the idea to play it myself when I heard Buddy Rich's bass trombonist do it as a solo. I think the low range helps enhance the song's relaxed feel.
Watch Adams Brass bend a bell into its designed shape. (07/10/2021)
When I toured the Adams factory after ITEC 2012 (and helped customize my own Adams) they did a couple demonstrations for me. This shows them bending a trumpet bell. It is filled with a fluid first, and then frozen. That way, when it bends 180 degrees, the tubing won't buckle. It is interesting seeing how the various jigs and clamps precisely hold things in place so production can be consistent.
Lamb's March (Sousa) - Euphonium Demo & Free Music Download (07/08/2021)
March practice is great for anyone, but especially for euphonium players. We generally have interesting parts, and this is no exception. This would be a good march for a sight-reading study because it doesn't do quite what you expect it to!
RARE Leonard Falcone Recording: O Sole Mio. (07/07/2021)
This recording has been re-engineered by John T. McDaniel. He graciously offered its use for this "Historic Brass" series. Falcone was a legendary teacher and performer, and today there is an international euphonium competition named for him. Unlike most euphonium soloists who were performing in the mid-1900's Falcone never used a compensating euphonium. He preferred to stay with his 4-valve Holton euphonium, which is often referred to as a "baritone horn."
"Lover's Concerto" - Euphonium Practice. Is It Classical or Pop Music? (07/06/2021)
This video has two songs on it, which are remarkably similar! It is another example of the pop world borrowing music from the classical world.
Haydn, Andante from Trumpet Concerto. Free Sheet Music, Too! (07/03/2021)
I have heard many pros play this, and trying to play what I remember hearing is a very useful practice technique.
"All the Things You Are" - Euphonium Playing POP! (07/02/2021)
This is a lovely old standard by Jerome Kern, which uses melodic sequences. Nice fit for euphonium!
TIP #5 for "FLOW" and for Grainger-Like Quick Dynamic Changes. (07/01/2021)
FLOW has a passage that reminds me of Grainger's writing - up/down dynamics happening over a very short time. I give you practice tips to perfect this difficult section. I hope these tips will help for your general skills, and I give specific advice related to FLOW.
Alliance Mouthpieces: DC4 Compared to DC3. Comparison in Large Room (More Realistic). (06/30/2021)
Here is a comparison of 2 Alliance mouthpieces: The DC3 (David Childs signature model) and the slightly smaller DC4. There is a family resemblance, but there are also differences in outcome. What do you think?
March "The Magnificent" by C.E. Duble, Euphonium Demo & Free Music Download. (06/28/2021)
This march is a lot of fun and just as much of a challenge! It should be played at a fast tempo, but the double tonguing falls in an awkward way. Most of the technical challenge is in the first half of the march, which is presented here.
Alliance DC3 Mouthpiece Compared to Wick 4AL. (06/27/2021)
A comparison in a large room for a more realistic sound to make comparing more accurate for the real world.
"Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" - Great Old Pop Tune! (06/26/2021)
According to Wikipedia, this song is from the 1940 Rodgers and Hart musical Pal Joey. It is part of the Great American Songbook. I heard it countless times on radio and TV.
Wick 4AL vs Alliance DC4 Euphonium Mouthpieces. (06/24/2021)
A comparison in a large room for a more realistic sound to make comparing more accurate for the real world.
Making a Quality Recording of Your Playing! (06/22/2021)
I'll demonstrate on euphonium (not an easy instrument to record) how your recording equipment and placement can affect your results. You can hear 3 different setup/positions, each on an iPhone and on a Zoom digital recorder. Consider this if you are planning an audition recording, or if you are recording your practice to learn how you sound.
Practice Clip: "Genevieve Waltz" from the movie "Genevieve." (06/21/2021)
It's a nice, lilting melody that is good practice because it is important to get the right feel. That actually can require a bit of practice and careful listening. It was written by harmonica wizard Larry Adler.
American March Music: "Bravura" by C.E. Duble. (06/17/2021)
This is a march that works well as a street march (I'm speaking from specific experience!) or an up-tempo "circus" march. It has some nice moments for euphonium (and a couple of challenges). In the YouTube description there is a link for a free download of the euphonium parts. For the video I'm playing the first part of the march, up to the trio.
Can you guess the title of this popular American march? (06/16/2021)
This is from the trio, and we get to play melody mixed with counter-melody and after-beats! There is a link in the YouTube description to download the euphonium parts for free.
"With a Song in My Heart" (06/15/2021)
This song was written in 1929 and became the title song of a 1952 movie. I think I first heard it in the film "Young Man with a Horn" and grew to love the 'singing' melody.
"If I Loved You" - Solo Euphonium / Baritone Horn (06/14/2021)
A song from the musical/movie "Carousel" by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Playing familiar songs is a great way to enhance your musicianship - play melodies you know and really like! If you work to express them the way you hear in your head/heart, you may expand your abilities. Besides...it's fun!
"Violets for Your Furs" - Solo Euphonium / Baritone Horn (06/13/2021)
The version of this in my head is Frank Sinatra (as a young man) singing with Tommy Dorsey's orchestra. Playing familiar songs is a great way to enhance your musicianship - play melodies you know and really like! If you work to express them the way you hear in your head/heart, you may expand your abilities. Besides...it's fun!
"Hawaiian Wedding Song" - Solo Euphonium / Baritone Horn (06/11/2021)
"Hawaiian Wedding Song" ("Ke Kali Nei Aua" - Waiting There for Thee) was a hit for Andy Williams in the USA. That is the version in my head.
Playlist: Euphonium in Popular Music (06/09/2021)
There are currently 53 examples here of euphonium playing pop/jazz music.
Chopsticks (arr. Werden) with the Midwinter Tuba Quintet (2 Euphoniums 3 Tubas). (06/07/2021)
We used my arrangement here (parts of it - they wanted a lot of repetition) in a skit making fun of public radio fundraising.
Midwinter Tuba Quintet (2 Euphoniums 3 Tubas) on A Prairie Home Companion. (06/06/2021)
This tune was written for this episode, featuring The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band along with our quintet.
Mozart Bassoon Concerto - 1st Movement. Euphonium and Piano. (06/05/2021)
This is from the early-mid 1970's, but that's all I can remember! It was in front of a live audience, and I like the cadenza I used here.
Showing the Double-Bell Euphonium in "76 Trombones" (06/03/2021)
From the Robert Preston / Shirley Jones movie version of "The Music Man" this is the final scene, in which you can see double-bell euphoniums. It will run a second time in slow motion to give you a better chance, because they go by quickly!
An all-Alliance mouthpiece comparison! (05/29/2021)
I do A/B demos of the DC3 and DC4.
Alliance DC3 Compared to Wick 4AL (05/27/2021)
A new test comparing the David Childs signature DC3 to the old standard Wick 4AL mouthpiece.
Alessandro Liberati, Cornet: "Remembrance of Switzerland" from 1898. (05/24/2021)
This is among a collection of brass solos from 100 or more years ago. Even though many are poor fidelity, the playing is very impressive!
Dave Werden: "On Wings of Song" (05/20/2021)
Lovely piece by Mendelssohn that I arranged to be useful for recitals or, in this case, a worship service!
Brian Bowman - From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific. (05/19/2021)
An early recording of Dr. Bowman from the 1970's, with concert band.
Improving Your Recordings: Shure MV88 Mic Patterns Demonstrated. (05/18/2021)
Your phone is not adequate for an important recording. This great Shure package works with Android or iPhone and gives you total control over your recording quality!
"Two Gavottes" - Euphonium and Piano. By J.S. Bach, arr. by David Werden (05/17/2021)
This is one of those pieces that works equally well in a recital or a church service. Here is a recording where it is used as a church prelude.
Bill Watrous - Spain (05/15/2021)
Trombone phenom Bill Watrous appearing with The USCG Jazz Ensemble in 1976.
Recording on a Phone Is Not Great. Here Is a Better Way. (05/14/2021)
Phones are great for many things, but when you try to record important music on one (i.e. auditions etc.) the phone gets in your way. The mic is not built for music, for one thing, and the phone is constantly adjusting the volume in the opposite direction as your playing! Here are some back-to-back comparisons and a convenient solution.
Arban Song 112: "I Capuletti." Demo, Free Music, Including Mini-Lesson. (05/13/2021)
This song (one of the 150 songs in the Arban book) is fun to play, but there are some rhythmic challenges. I demonstrate the song here, and the free download music has a little tutorial on practicing it. Get it here with the link in the YouTube description.
Monti's "Czardas" - Euphonium and Piano, Arranged by Eric Wilson. (05/12/2021)
Sara Brunk is playing piano on this video, in the sanctuary of Christ Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Lake Elmo, MN. We are grateful for the use of their facilities!
Excerpt: Boys of the Old Brigade (05/11/2021)
A very enjoyable (to hear and play) march by William Paris Chambers.
Arban Song #28: "Romance" - Tricky Little Song in Several Ways. (05/10/2021)
It took a little experimentation to figure out a good tempo for this, and following some of the articulation/etc. markings proved tricky as well. Therefore it is a great piece to work on!
Spit Catcher - Emptying the Water without Grossness! (05/08/2021)
I found a simple and clever product that makes brass playing just a little less messy (and less gross to string and woodwind players near you).
Arban Book 110: Neapolitan Song. Free Sheet Music Download. (05/06/2021)
This song reminds me of Carnival of Venice a little, but there are parts that were really tough to interpret. The video shows my ideas for right now, and the free download here has some interpretative markup in the music.
Jenny Jones Sheet Music (05/06/2021)
This link will take you to a page with the cornet and euphonium versions (also Eb horn)
Nymphalin (Romance) by John Philip Sousa, arr. by David Werden. (05/05/2021)
Sousa didn't only write marches! Here is a bit of practrice from his nice romance, "Nymphalin", which I arranged for euphonium and piano. The YouTube description has a link to a euph/piano performance as well.
Endearing Young Charms - Euphonium Duet (04/30/2021)
David Werden and Danny Vinson, euphonium duet. Performing the Mantia/Werden arrangement of Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms, done by Werden as a duet.
Side Partners - Euphonium Duet - Dave Werden and Roger Behrend (04/27/2021)
After I performed "Bride of the Waves" at a Coast Guard Band concert, Roger Behrend and I performed Herbert L. Clarke's "Side Partners" duet as an encore. This is from the 1980's.
"Voi Che Sapete" Euphonium Solo with Piano. (04/25/2021)
This is a work session to read through my draft of a new arrangement. I love this tune! It should be published soon.
Mr. Euphonium, Harold Brasch, performing "Devil's Tongue" (04/24/2021)
This is from Harold Brasch's first album, simply called "Mr. Euphonium." Brasch was euphonium soloist with The U.S. Navy Band, and after retirement became an active guest artist. He help to introduce the British-style compensating euphonium in the United States. Mr. Brasch became known as "Mr. Euphonium."
Arban Song #38: Demo & Free Download of this piece in treble/bass clef. (04/23/2021)
This is one of the many songs in the Arban book, which are all intended to help us practice style, phrasing, musicality. To help you try this one I'm including a free download in Bb treble or concert pitch bass clef. See the YouTube description for the link.
Arban Song #69. (04/22/2021)
Practice Demo plus FREE Download of this piece in treble/bass clef. See the YouTube description for the download link.
Carnival of Venice - Arban/Werden. (04/21/2021)
From a live concert in 1986 in Davenport, Iowa. This is Arban's famous version with a few twists of my own.
Arban #43 "Brightest Eyes." (04/19/2021)
My own reading of it, plus the YouTube description has a link to download (FREE) the treble and bass clef part for your own practice. This is one of the many songs in Arban that are there to help develop musicality.
Another Tip for Clean Slurs. (04/18/2021)
Tips for a Tricky Lip Slur in My Arrangement of "Les berceaux" by Faure. PLUS a Free Sheet Music Download.
"Les berceaux" by Faure/Werden. (04/17/2021)
My newest arrangement works nicely for a church setting or in a recital. You'll find links in the YouTube description to download the solo part (TC and BC) for FREE! Play through it and see what you think.
Arban Song #69, Free Download of this piece in treble/bass clef (04/14/2021)
This is one of the many songs in the Arban book, which are all intended to help us practice style, phrasing, musicality. To help you try this one I'm including a free download in Bb treble or concert pitch bass clef.
Harold Brasch ("Mr. Euphonium") performing "Concert Polka." (04/12/2021)
Mr. Brasch made a huge impression when I first heard him play during my high school days. This was one of the pieces, and his triple tongue was awesome!
Hejre Kati - Euphonium and Piano. (04/11/2021)
One of the best Rafael Mendez solos, performed by David Werden and Sara Brunk. It was originally a violin fantasy by Jeno Hubay, and later arranged by Mendez into a trumpet solo.
Beauty and the Beast. (04/10/2021)
From the Disney movie by the same name, here is the lovely title song.
High-range delicacy is necessary here! (04/09/2021)
Playing "Lark in the Clear Air" which was written for tenor horn. I transposed the line up a 4th mentally as I played it. Not the easiest transposition! But it is a pretty piece.
Holst 2nd Suite - U.S. Coast Guard Band, Frederick Fennell conducting. (04/08/2021)
From a live concert at Interlochen Music Camp, here is The United States Coast Guard with guest conductor Frederick Fennell. We play the classic Suite No. 2 in F for Military Band by Gustav Holst.
Holst 2nd Suite - U.S. Coast Guard Band, Frederick Fennell conducting. (04/08/2021)
From a live concert at Interlochen Music Camp, here is The United States Coast Guard with guest conductor Frederick Fennell. We play the classic Suite No. 2 in F for Military Band by Gustav Holst.
"Crazy" (Willie Nelson / Patsy Cline). (04/07/2021)
"Crazy" (Patsy Cline) - one of my favorite songs to play. It is great training to try to emulate Patsy's unique singing style. I was pretty pleased with how it came out.
Emmet's Lullaby by T.V. Short. (04/04/2021)
This is one of the solos in Arthur Lehman's book, and it is great practice material!
Handel Articulation - Finer Detail You May Have Missed! (04/03/2021)
Minding the details: articulation subtlety in Handel's Air and Variations. This is one I overlooked for YEARS! It's a fun little challenge to do what is written.
"The Harmonious Blacksmith" from Arthur Lehman's book. (04/01/2021)
This is the theme and cadenza. Note that it is much different from the Fitzgerald Air & Variations!
Oystein Baadsvik and Dave Werden - Aria Duet by Bach/Werden. (03/30/2021)
Live performance on euphonium and tuba by Dave Werden and Oystein Baadsvik, with Stephanie Wikstrom on piano. This was from a concert on March 10, 2013, hosted by Minne-Brass. The venue is Kings of Kings Lutheran Church in Woodbury, MN. Our piece is the Aria-Duet from Cantata 78 by J.S. Bach, arranged by David Werden (published by Cimarron Music Press).
Borrowing a Technique to Create New Exercises! Euphonium, Baritone, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, or Horn. (03/23/2021)
Most brass players have used long-tone-with-dymanics practice: start soft, gradually crescendo, gradually diminuendo, all on one note in one breath. That same concept is valuable with tonguing, vibrato, and lip trills, which I demonstrate here! And best of all - it's FREE!
Jerry Owen "Variations" - Euphonium Solo in Jazz Style. (03/22/2021)
My live performance with the USCG Band
Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid - David Werden baritone, Sara Brunk piano (03/21/2021)
I chose this song from another animated feature, "The Little Mermaid." In this case, it is a lively, up-tempo song, which shows off the lighter side of the baritone.
Euphonium Mouthpieces: Alliance DC3 & Wick 4AL (03/20/2021)
My own mouthpiece has been the Denis Wick 4AL for quite a while now. Even at times when I played different mouthpiece for a bit, I always gravitated back to the trusty 4AL. With this Alliance DC3, it may offer enough to draw me away. I'm still testing, but here is what I know so far.
The Desire for Perfect Valve Oil (03/18/2021)
Are you on an eternal quest for the right valve oil? Here is what's behind it!
Hailstorm - Dave Werden, Euphonium (03/15/2021)
One of Harold Brasch's favorite solos, "Hailstorm" by William Rimmer (1861-1936) is fun to hear and play and a good triple-tongue exercise. This performance is part of a recital at the University of Iowa in March of 2015.
Faure: "Les berceaux" - Euphonium and Piano - DRAFT VIDEO. (03/14/2021)
Our first read-through of a new arrangement that Cimarron Music will publish very soon. In the meantime I have links in the YouTube description where you can download the solo part and start practicing now!
Holst 1st Suite Excerpts. (03/13/2021)
Excerpt from Holst 1st Suite for Baritone and Euphonium, Solo Demonstration & a USCG Band Recording.
Jerry Owen "Variations" - Euphonium Solo in Jazz Style. (03/04/2021)
Written for Rich Matteson, I demo a little of my current practice, then you can hear me perform the piece with the Coast Guard Band.
LISTEN to What Your Warm-up Is Telling You! Trumpet, horn, baritone, trombone, euphonium, tuba. (03/03/2021)
You should be interactive with your warm-up. That is, you can work this as a question/answer process and get much better results.
Leonard Falcone: La Danza (Tarantella), Baritone Horn / Euphonium Solo. (03/02/2021)
Leonard Falcone has a wonderful career as a player, educator, and band director, and there is a euphonium competition named for him today. He put out 3 LP's on Golden Crest Records, and I believe this recording predates those by several years (based on the acoustics). I cleaned up the sound as much as possible.
How to Grease Tuning Slides - Trumpet, Cornet, French Horn, Baritone, Euphonium, Tuba, & Trombone. (03/01/2021)
These Tips Will Make Your Maintenance Efforts More Effective. EASY! If your brass instrument is in decent repair, this process will work to keep your slides working smoothly and help to keep your clothes clean.
Jota, by Rafael Mendez: Euphonium Solo. (02/24/2021)
Samples from my performance at IET in Atlanta. It's a challenge!
Facilita - Theme and Variations, Euphonium. (02/19/2021)
One of the staples of our repertoire, this is a very nice solo. The last variations give me a chance to do a magic trick!
Practice for REAL WORLD playing. (02/18/2021)
I discuss bell covers mostly, but also touch on doubling and solo preparation.
Neapolitan Dance - Practice and Then Performance with Double-Bell Euphonium (02/16/2021)
This is a great piece by Tchaikovsky that is a cornet/trumpet solo in the original. I have arranged it for solo with piano.
Crown Him with Many Crowns - Hymn with Euphonium Melody and Descant (02/14/2021)
From a church service in November, 2019.
Chicago Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet: Ewald Quintet No 1. From around 1960. (Brass Ensemble) (02/13/2021)
Two Movements of the Ewald Quintet. This is a pretty old recording of the Chicago Symphony's brass quintet.
Capuzzi Allegro Moderato - the Missing Movement! Demo plus Full Performance. (02/12/2021)
Many players know the Capuzzi/Catelinet "Andante and Rondo," which is taken from movements 2 and 3 of the Capuzzi Concerto for Bass. But the first movement is really nice and I've always missed it. I decided to arrange it, and was careful to choose and key and write in a style that would be compatible with the Andante and Rondo. This movement can stand alone, or you can combine it with the Andante and Rondo to play the whole concerto.
Spinning Song - Euphonium Solo with Band. (02/11/2021)
Spinning Song (Mendelssohn/Werden). I'm playing it here with band as an encore to a solo. I arranged it for use with either piano or band.
What is "Elision" in music phrasing? (02/09/2021)
Here is a discussion and demonstration of elision, and examples of how a wind player might handle it when needing a breath.
2nd Demo from Recitative and Polonaise. (02/08/2021)
This is from the opera Mignon, and is great musical practice for brass players (partly because the technical requirements are different from what we are used to).
2nd Example: Arpeggione Sonata Mvt 1. A Part of My Practice. (02/07/2021)
I arranged this piece as a way to let euphonium players stretch their musicianship. One can hear the finest string players perform this, and trying to emulate those artists is a great learning experience. That's why I like to practice it!
Bill Watrous - 4th Floor Walkup, with USCG Jazz Band (02/05/2021)
From our 1976 jazz concert, which featured trombone soloist Bill Watrous. Here is "4th Floor Walkup," which is a Watrous showpiece.
Recitative and Polonaise for Euphonium, Practice Demo and Full Performance on Euphonium and Piano (02/04/2021)
My arrangement of a wonderful song from the opera Mignon (by Ambroise Thomas), arranged for euphonium and piano. I'll play a small sampling of themes, and then you hear a full version with piano. It present unique technical and musical challenges for a brass player, but I think the effect is worth the effort.
Serenade from The Student Prince (02/03/2021)
A little of my practice followed by a full performance with euphonium and piano.
Practice Excerpt from the Arpeggione Sonata, Movement 1. (02/02/2021)
This movement can easily stand alone without 2&3, so I am going to focus on Mvt 1 for this and some other excerpts and tips, yet to come.
Riders of Rohan - Euphonium and Piano (01/31/2021)
This fun piece was written by Robert Childs by Rodney Newton. Nice slow opening, and a good romp to finish it!
Schubert/Werden - An Die Musik (01/30/2021)
A lovely Schubert song. Here is a sample of my practice followed by a full performance for euphonium and piano.
Strauss Horn Concerto. (01/27/2021)
This is great practice for high range, of course, but is REALLY nice for practicing long phrases. I'll play this demo in the range of the French horn, then in a transposed key suitable for euphonium. Then you can hear a live performance by Floyd Cooley on tuba (it's great!). The YouTube description includes links to download euphonium music for both of my demos (treble and bass clef).
Tchaikovsky: Romance in f minor for Euphonium and Piano. (01/25/2021)
A new video of this lovely melodic piece, originally a piano solo. This is my own arrangement.
Serenade from The Student Prince (01/24/2021)
A peek into my practice, a few words, and also a full recording of this pretty piece that was a favorite of Harold Brasch.
On Wings of Song (Mendelssohn) (01/23/2021)
I show a bit of my practice and then share a full video with piano. It works well for brass in recitals or worship settings. #euphonium #baritonehorn #trumpet #cornet #trombone
How to Improve Your Scale Practice and Exercise Your Brain - Trumpet, Euphonium, Baritone, Tuba (01/22/2021)
We practice scales every day, right? But too often we do them mindlessly, in patterns we know well. I'll demonstrate a method I use daily to help sharpen my mind/reactions as I work my fingers through various scales.
Boda Sonatina for Euphonium and Synthesizer (01/21/2021)
Practice demo plus full LIVE performance recording I did in the 1980's.
Fastest Triple-Tonguing I Have Ever Heard! (01/19/2021)
A historic recording of Herbert L. Clarke playing Grand Russian Fantasy (Jules Levy). The last variation has him triple tonguing at 140 beats/minute!
Improve Your Band Skills when Band Is Not Available! (01/18/2021)
Sousa's "Fairest of the Fair" march, in my arrangement for Euphonium and Piano. The euphonium part follows the band part very closely. It makes a nice recital piece in addition to being a good training exercise!
Euphonic Sounds by Joplin/Werden for Euphonium-Tuba Quartet. Demo/Lesson and Full Quartet Recording (01/17/2021)
Black American composer/pianist Scott Joplin wrote over 100 ragtime pieces, including this wonderfully-named "Euphonic Sounds." As much fun as it is to hear and play, there is a hidden music lesson inside! I'll talk about it in the first part of the video as I demonstrate some of the melodies and syncopations. After that you can hear a full recording by the Atlantic Tuba Quartet.
O for the Wings of a Dove, Euphonium Solo. (01/16/2021)
Practice example PLUS Full Live Performance of the lovely Mendelssohn song. The full recording you'll hear after my demo was when I performed this at an Army Band Euphonium-Tuba Conference a few decades ago, and it went over very well with the audience.
Two Gavottes by Bach/Werden (01/15/2021)
Bach/Werden: Two Gavottes. Here is a peek into my practice, followed by a full performance with piano (Sara Brunk). Nice piece for a recital or for a church prelude/postlude.
Schumann Album for the Young - All 4 Movements (01/14/2021)
I wrote this suite from Schumann's book for young piano players. I think I found 4 movements that fit the euphonium-tuba quartet very well!
Spinning Song - Practice and warmup advice and full performance (01/13/2021)
A real finger-twister! (And it's my own fault - I arranged it.) I'll suggest a way to get "free" practice time when you are working on a piece that needs lots of woodshedding. Then you can hear a full performance from my recital tour of Japan in 1991.
Mephisto Masque by black American Composer Edmund Dede (01/09/2021)
My arrangement of the euphonium solo, done for solo/orchestra and solo/piano. You can hear a couple practice samples followed by excerpts from live performances of each version
Rag-Time Dance - Euphonium-Tuba Quartet (01/03/2021)
Here is a performance by The USCG Band euphonium-tuba quartet of this famous Scott Joplin rag.
Bride of the Waves - Spicing Up the Ending (01/02/2021)
I found a couple ways to enhance the ending of Herbert L. Clarke's "Bride of the Waves." I'll tell you about them and then you hear my full performance with The USCG Band.
Bride of the Waves: Opening section plus full USCG Band recording (01/01/2021)
I'll show you how I approach the beginning section of the fine Clarke solo and then you hear my entire performance with The United States Coast Guard Band.
Come to the Fair, Solo Demo Plus Full Recording (12/31/2020)
A nice, light & lively theme from Easthope Martin, which I arranged for euphonium solo.
Tips to fight dry mouth! (12/29/2020)
Almost all brass players experience dry mouth at times, especially when nervous or while taking certain medications. But a dry mouth can make playing very difficult or even impossible.
Alternate Fingerings Can Be Your Friend! (12/27/2020)
Here is a short demo of how alternate fingerings can help smooth out a twisty passage in my arrangement of the Arpeggione Sonata.
Bist Du Bei Mir - Practice Plus Coast Guard Tuba Quartet Performance (12/24/2020)
This is my arrangement of Bach's "Bist Du Bei Mir" and is one of the first tuba quartet arrangements I ever did. I'll play the main melody for you and then you can hear our euphonium-tuba quartet play it.
Trombone COVID Bell Cover (12/23/2020)
Continuing my tests of safety gear for brass, here is a short review/demo of the MoistureGuard bell cover.
Handel Air & Variations (12/17/2020)
A great arrangement by Bernard Fitzgerald. Here is a recording where we used it as a church prelude last Christmas.
Grand Russian Fantasia by Jules Levy (12/14/2020)
A bit of practice on the verse. The link here is to my performance as a guest artist with The U.S. Army Band of the full theme/variations solo plus a special cadenza!
An English Folk Christmas for Euphonium-Tuba Quartet (12/07/2020)
This is from a live concert by the U.S.C.G. Band. Arrangement is by Gary Buttery, available here: English Folk Christmas Download
Arban Slurred Scales - 184 Notes in One Breath (12/03/2020)
A very tough test of your smoothness of technique and breath control!
Sousa's "Across the Danube" & Sight Reading Tip (11/30/2020)
One of Sousa's earlier marches. I'll demonstrate some of the march and also discuss sight reading in general and a little sight-reading trap he sneaks into the trio. (I hope this offers you good advice before you go into an audition!)
Cleaning and Oiling Piston Valves (11/16/2020)
A thorough discussion of regular maintenance of bottom-spring piston valves! Top and bottom chamfer, valve guide and channel, vent holes, etc. plus a discussion of noisy valves.
Brass Players Mask for COVID-19 Protection. (11/14/2020)
Testing the Cronkhite/Torpedo Bags mask for brass players. It has a zipper down the middle for mouthpiece access, and to let you close it securely when you are just talking to folks.
Serenade from the Student Prince for Euphonium or Baritone Horn and Piano (11/09/2020)
Serenade was a favorite euphonium solo of the famous soloist Harold Brasch. I've loved it since I heard Harold play it while I was in high school and finally made a video. This is my own arrangement, used here with permission of my publisher, Cimarron Music Press. David Werden, euphonium and Sara Brunk, piano
Brian Israel Dance Suite - Unaccompanied Euphonium Solo (11/06/2020)
From a live recital in 1980, here is a rare recording of Israel's "Dance Suite." It was my first full recital after I left college and I wanted a 20th-century piece by an American composer.
George Washington Bicentennial March - Euphonium Excerpts (11/05/2020)
From my excerpt book, here is an enjoyable march from John Philip Sousa. A bit of facile tonguing is required!
Euphonium Sighting on "Our Miss Brooks" (11/03/2020)
An extensive on-screen role for this instrument, which is actually a German tenorhorn/baritone. The episode was about auditioning for the faculty band.
Euphonium and Piano: "Guilty" (11/02/2020)
A nice song that was was sung by several big name entertainers, "Guilty" works nicely with the mellow sound of the euphonium.
Quick Breathing Tip (11/01/2020)
Using a march as an example, here is a tip for getting a good quality breath when there is no obvious place to do so!
Pineapple Poll Excerpts and Band Recording. (10/27/2020)
Here are the excerpts found in my euphonium excerpt book for Pineapple Poll. Following my demonstration, there is a recording of the Coast Guard Band playing the whole movement.
Deck the Halls for Trombone Ensemble (10/25/2020)
From the "Christmas Trombones" CD by Tennessee Tech. I wrote it for 2 euphs and 2 tubas, but it sounds very nice with this large ensemble.
Silent Night for Trombone Ensemble (10/24/2020)
From the "Christmas Trombones" CD by Tennessee Tech. I wrote it for 2 euphs and 2 tubas, but it sounds very nice with this large ensemble.
Tchaikovsky Symphony #4 Finale - Euphonium Excerpts (10/22/2020)
This is from the book "Euphonium Excerpts from the Standard Band and Orchestra Library."
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring for Euphoniums and Tubas (10/21/2020)
From the "Christmas Tubas" CD by Tennessee Tech. I wrote it for 2 euphs and 2 tubas, but it sounds very nice with this large ensemble.
Concert Etude on Baritone Horn (10/20/2020)
From my masters recital at University of Connecticut. The piece is bright and flashy and is well suited for a baritone horn.
Christmas Duet Melody (10/17/2020)
NEW! My new arrangement has just been published, in plenty of time to get it for use at Christmas! A medley of 4 popular carols. Fairly easy to play and even easier to rehearse.
Rose Etude No. 2 (10/16/2020)
One of the slow, musical etudes from my book of Rose Etudes. This etude is great for working on expression!
Barnum & Bailey's Favorite march. (10/07/2020)
Playing from my excerpt book, I demonstrate the excerpts and offer some advice/demos on the various tempos that you might need to be ready for.
Karl King's Attorney General March (10/06/2020)
Here is a demonstration of King's great, and interesting, march. I give tips, and there is a link in the YouTube description to download the euphonium part (free).
Comparison of the metal Bach 5G with the Lexan Kelly 5G mouthpieces. (10/05/2020)
Kelly makes some well-respected mouthpieces in Lexan, which is light and very comfortable in cold temperatures. But do they affect the sound? Listen to this A/B test and see!
Suite Francaise by Milhaud. (10/04/2020)
Some playful (and a little difficult) lines from the excerpt book, thanks to Darius Milhaud's original band work.
Schoenberg Theme & Variations excerpts (10/03/2020)
My excerpt book contains a landmark piece written for wind band by a serious composer. AND it is a chance to flutter tongue!
Barnum & Bailey's Favorite (10/01/2020)
The speedy euphonium part (excerpts) from one of the most famous circus marches of all time.
Holst 2nd Suite Excerpts (09/30/2020)
From my excerpt book, I demonstrate the great passages we have in this original wind band work. Then I include a recording of the USCG Band (with me on the solos).
Mastering Rhythm and Tempo Control (09/27/2020)
A wonderfully-challenging exercise from the famous Arban method. It is also good arpeggio practice!
Etude 4b from Rose Etudes for Euphonium (09/22/2020)
From my book of Rose Etudes, this one is an adagio that will test your expressive abilities.
Darius Milhaud: Suite Francaise euphonium excerpt (09/21/2020)
Demonstrating from my excerpt book. This is a rather tricky part when played up to tempo!
Karl King: Attorney General March (09/20/2020)
Tips on practicing, plus a demonstration. Link to free sheet music for the euphonium part.
Euphonium Duet - Energico (09/19/2020)
Peter Graham wrote this jaunty duet for any 2 brass. There is a link in the YouTube description to download the music for free.
Euphonium Solo - Holy Holy Holy (09/18/2020)
Philip Sparke's great arrangement of the hymn "Holy, Holy, Holy" as a church prelude for an outdoor service.
Clarke Articulation Study (09/17/2020)
Here is an excellent, to-the-point exercise to secure and improve your articulation.
I've Got a Crush on You (09/15/2020)
This Gershwin song has been performed by many singers as a torch song (even though it was written as a silly song). Sara Brunk and I stay with the slow, "torch song" style.
Schoenberg Theme & Variations (Excerpt) (09/13/2020)
From my excerpt book, here is a landmark band composition by a 20th-century composer. Interesting fact: it's one of the only pieces I can think of for concert band where euphoniums need to flutter tongue!
Sousa's Fairest of the Fair for Euphonium and Piano (09/05/2020)
This is a new concept for me, offering a march in solo/piano format. It provides a great way to practice marches and gain experience in the style, as well as offering a nice variety for recital programs.
Celebration Overture Euphonium Excerpt (09/04/2020)
Nice solo in this Paul Creston piece. I demonstrate and then include clips from a Coast Guard Band concert where I was playing the solo.
Host 1st Suite - Demonstration and Band Recording (09/03/2020)
I demonstrate some of the passages (using my Excerpt Book) and then include snippets from Coast Guard Band recordings, use a baritone horn. where I play a baritone horn, and Holst specified.
Heavyweight Caps for Euphonium 4th Valve (09/01/2020)
Do these heavy caps make a difference? Listen to these comparisons and see what you think!
Excerpts from Suite of Old American Dances (08/31/2020)
Robert Russell Bennett's "Suite of Old American Dances" has some wonderful euphonium opportunities, which I demonstrate. I'm playing from the euphonium excerpt book I helped create.
How to Practice Jewell's "Circusdom" march (08/30/2020)
My details and demonstration on how to practice this great march. There is a link to download the sheet music (free) in the YouTube description.
Lincolnshire Posy Excerpts (08/29/2020)
A demonstration on baritone horn, as specified in the score. After my demo, there is an in-context recording where I am playing baritone with the Coast Guard Band.
Praise My Soul - Euphonium In Church (08/24/2020)
One of the nice Philip Sparke special arrangement for church settings.
Mark Jenkins, Danny Boy (08/22/2020)
For an encore to Endearing Young Charms, Mark offers another Irish piece: Danny Boy.
Adagio from Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata - Euphonium Quartet (08/21/2020)
I wrote this arrangement for euphonium-tuba quartet, but here I'm playing all parts on euphonium. There should be more rubato, but with my multi-track recorder that would not have been possible. Very pretty piece for the low, conical instruments!
Mark Jenkins, Endearing Young Charms (08/15/2020)
With the U.S. Marine Band, Mark Jenkins does a brilliant job on this traditional euphonium solo!
Belle of Chicago - Practice Tips (08/14/2020)
Sousa's fine "Belle of Chicago" march has some interesting features. I'll tell you about them and demonstrate! Free sheet music download available.
Brian Bowman, Original Fantasy (08/09/2020)
From 45 years ago, with the U.S. Bicentennial Band. Brian Bowman was the featured soloist (on his Besson at that time).
Instant Concert (08/08/2020)
A piece we often used as an encore in the Coast Guard Band. A great arrangement that contains about 130 songs if I remember correctly!
Liebesfreud - Euphonium Duet (08/06/2020)
My arrangement of Fritz Kreisler's lovely "Liebesfreud" ("Love's Joy"), with Tim Morris and Sara Brunk
Euphonium Lap Pad (08/05/2020)
One of my most valuable accessories, it helps me maintain correct posture and reduces strain on my left arm/wrist.
Excerpt: Andrea Chenier (08/04/2020)
A lovely Italian overture with some very nice parts for the euphonium!
Euphonium Mouthpiece: Wick 4AL vs Wick 3AL (08/03/2020)
Two mouthpieces of identical design concept. My own 4AL compared to the 3AL with its larger cup.
Schubert's An Die Musik (08/02/2020)
A lovely song by Schubert. It's very simple, but leaves room for your own musicality to come out!
Euphonium Mouthpiece: Wick 4AL vs Schilke 51D (07/31/2020)
Comparing 2 very popular professional-level mouthpieces using 3 short excerpts. The 2 mouthpieces are presented back-to-back in each excerpt to make comparison easier.
Euphonium Excerpts: Dahl Sinfonietta (07/30/2020)
I play the excerpts (from my excerpt book) for the Sinfonietta, plus there is a recording of my playing with a band so you can hear the context.
Circus Bee March - Practice Tips (07/29/2020)
Here is some advice on preparing this exciting march properly. There is a link in the YouTube description to download (free) the TC or BC music!
Excerpt: Universal Judgement (07/27/2020)
From my excerpt book, here is a tough warhorse by DeNardis called "Universal Judgement".
Low Range Work with a Rose Etude (07/26/2020)
I found one of the etudes in my Rose Etudes book to be very useful for working in the low register!
Charlier No. 2 (and Alternate Fingering Demo) (07/24/2020)
The lovely Etude 2 from Charlier's trumpet book is a favorite of mine. I'll play some of it and demonstrate the alternate fingering suggested by the publisher for a trill.
3-Valve Compensating Baritone Demo (07/23/2020)
Here is my own baritone horn with 3-valve compensating, with a quick overview of its intonation advantage.
Hailstorm (07/18/2020)
From a live recital, presented on social media in 5 parts. The link here talks you to the full (live) performance at the University of Iowa.
Bach Toccata and Fugue - Excerpt (07/17/2020)
Practicing from my excerpt book. This little excerpt got me 1st chair in All State band in high school! The link here is to the Excerpt Book playlist (I'm slowly building it)
Practicing the "Arpeggione Sonata" by Schubert (07/16/2020)
The favorite piece I've ever arranged, a beautiful masterwork by Schubert. The link here is to the full movement with piano.
Wooden Heart (Muss i Denn) (07/15/2020)
The German folk song that was turned into a pop song for Elvis Presley. Euphonium quartet, playing from my euphonium-tuba quartet arrangement.
Wick 4AL vs Bach 5G Euphonium Mouthpieces (07/14/2020)
Another quick mouthpiece test. The 4AL is my standard mouthpiece, and the 5G is a popular "step-up" mouthpiece that is easier for young players to manage.
Goodbye to Love - Carpenters Song on Euphonium (07/13/2020)
This simple song by The Carpenters is depectively difficult to play with the correct style. I thought it would make a nice challenge.
How to Save Time in Practice: The "Half-Tempo" Practice Method (07/12/2020)
This tip is a combination of tips I learned from the famous clarinet teacher Leon Russianoff and trumpet star Doc Severinsen.
Euphonium Compensating System Explained Using a Trombone! (07/11/2020)
Because a trombone is such a "visual" instrument, it can easily demonstrate why the compensating is necessary.
Comfy Euphonium Strap (07/10/2020)
A brililant little strap that makes holding euphonium much easier and more secure.
Alone Yet Not Alone (07/09/2020)
From the movie of the same name, music by Bruce Broughton. (The video aspect ratio is off - sorry about that). In the beginning, notice the subtle change in sound I get by aiming the bell differently after the first phrase.
Charlier Etude No. 2 - Samples and Alternate Fingering (07/08/2020)
This is my favorite of the Charlier etudes, geared for working on style. I play some for a demo, but also discuss the technical tip Charlier offers at the end of the etude.
Alternate Fingerings - Demonstration (07/07/2020)
This is a demonstration of the way alternate fingerings can help you.
Come to the Fair (07/06/2020)
Here is the full video with Sara Brunk on piano. This is a fun song!
Coast Guard Band, Today Show, July 3, 1992 - All Clips (07/01/2020)
From Governor's Island (at that time it was a Coast Guard base) in New York Harbor.
Chiapanecas (06/28/2020)
As part of a joint concert with Oystein Baadsvik, I played this Rafael Mendez solo. It's one of my favorites. Tempo is a bit slow here because of lack of rehearsal time, but the song still works.
All-Star Trumpet Quartet (06/27/2020)
From the old Steve Allen show, 3 famous trumpet players joined by pianist Steve Allen, who is playing trumpet. Good fun!
Arban #50 for Phrasing and Practice (06/26/2020)
Here I offer detailed advice on an aspect of phrasing, plus discussion of why you want to practice in multiple octaves.
Baritone/Euphonium Duet (06/25/2020)
Croft Sonata II from my old Voxman duet book. This helps demonstrate the different in tone between a British-style baritone horn and a euphonium.
They Didn't Believe Me - 5 Euphoniums (06/23/2020)
Lovely song by Jerome Kern. This arrangement uses close harmony, and benefits from the smooth tone of euphoniums.
Garry Owen March - How to Practice It (06/22/2020)
This popular Irish march is used often around St. Patrick's Day at at other times. It is a bit difficult to play in some ways. These tips should help you.
Till There Was You (06/20/2020)
This is from the musical "The Music Man," and is a pretty song when sung or when played on euphonium. In the show it was sung by both a man and woman, so it is not inconsistent to hear it on a low-brass instrument.
Mephisto Masque (06/15/2020)
The black American-born composer Edmond Dédé wrote this in the mid-1800's, and I created the first modern version for euphonium and piano.
Schumann Romance No. 2 (06/12/2020)
A very pretty song, but with plenty of challenges! Large intervals and high range for starters.
Send in the Clowns (06/11/2020)
Nice Sondheim song with a jazz combo (recorded) accompanying me.
Is a Crescendo Always a Crescendo? (06/10/2020)
Marches in particular often have written crescendo/descrendo marks, but they are not always dynamic markings!
When I Look in Your Eyes (06/09/2020)
A sample of the lovely song from the old Dr. Doolittle movie. It's very relaxing to listen to - a good thing right now!
Building Strength and High Range - The Right Way (06/08/2020)
Part of my 11-minute video on building strength and high range!
Sunday Kind of Love (06/07/2020)
A demo of a pretty melody. I have a full video with piano if you go to my social links page at dwerden.com/social
Playing Ornaments: Arban #49 (06/05/2020)
A discussion of how to handle the ornaments in this Arban song.
Reicha Quartet #2 (06/04/2020)
The 2nd movement of my 4-movement suite, played here with 4 euphoniums. It is a nice, flowing waltz.
Reicha Quartet #3 (06/03/2020)
Full video of this beautiful movement from my arrangement of 4 Reicha quartets. Be sure to hear the whole video!
How to Tune Your Horn (06/02/2020)
Full video of my discussion of tuning compensating and non-compensating 3-valve and 4-valve euphoniums and tubas
Ramsoe Quartet (euph/tuba), THIRD movement. (05/29/2020)
The U.S. Coast Guard quartet at the Armed Forces School of Music.
Ramsoe Quartet (euph/tuba), 1st movement. (05/27/2020)
The U.S. Coast Guard quartet at the Armed Forces School of Music.
I'm Flying (05/26/2020)
The full video consists of a suite of two songs from movies. The arrangements are independent, connected by my pianist Sara Brunk with a bass riff and accelerando. "Can You Read My Mind" is the so-called "flying sequence" from the 1978 movie Superman. It is followed by a bright song from the 1951 movie Peter Pan, "I'm Flying"
Stars & Stripes Forever (05/25/2020)
Atlantic Euphonium-Tuba Quartet (all from the Coast Guard Band) playing America's official march, the Stars and Stripes Forever. You'll hear me on the piccolo part in the last verse.
Holst: Song without Words (05/23/2020)
Part of my 2-song collection from Holst's 2nd Suite. Click here to get the sheet music.Click here to get the sheet music.
Alone Together (05/22/2020)
A pretty ballad (euphonium solo with recorded jazz combo) that has a good title for today's world.
Euphonium Solo, Tico Tico arr. by Oystein Baadvsik (05/18/2020)
Euphonium soloist David Werden and pianist Sara Brunk performing "Tico Tico."
Fantasy by Sparke - Excerpts (05/17/2020)
My performance at Midwest of Philip Sparke's Fantasy for Euphonium. With the Coast Guard Band's Brass section.
Handel - Air & Variations - Church Prelude (05/13/2020)
This is one of my favorite solos. It's just nice music and pleasant to hear and to play.
For the Mountains Shall Depart - Euphonium Solo by David Werden (05/12/2020)
This was an offering for our church service on Sept. 1, 2019. The simple, lovely piece is from Mendelssohn's "Elijah" and is my own arrangement.
Euphonium Solo: I Know Why (and So Do You) - with Piano (05/10/2020)
"I Know Why and So Do You" - which I first heard in the movie biography of Glenn Miller. It's a little bit of a challenge for typical euphonium style because it needs a combination of gentle swing and fairly straight ballad interpretation
How To Play the Arban Carnival of Venice page 1 (05/09/2020)
This video focuses on the 16th-note passage that comes right after the main theme (but the verse and theme are lightly discussed first).
Times Square (1944) from On the Town - USCG Band in England (05/08/2020)
In 1994 The United Coast Guard Band went to England to play in some 50th anniversary ceremonies of the D-Day invasion. We also performed in a formal concert in Poole, England. This piece is from that concert.
My One and Only Love - euphonium and recorded jazz combo (05/07/2020)
A beautiful love song, which is from a collection of ballads George Roberts sent me in the 1990's.
If I Only Had a Brain (euphonium and piano) (05/05/2020)
The song sung by the scarecrow in "The Wizard of Oz". A fun little diversion for euphonium and piano.
How to Practice Anchors Aweigh March ( (05/04/2020)
This is a great march for euphoniums (even if we never get to play the main melody!). There is a link in the YouTube description where you can download the treble and bass clef parts to practice (free).
Aria-Duet (Bach/Werden) with Oystein Baadsvik (05/03/2020)
I wrote this for two euphoniums or two trumpets, but Oystein can easily handle a euphonium part!
"I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" (04/30/2020)
The popular signature song for big-band trombonist Tommy Dorsey. Here I'm demonstrating a different side of euphonium playing, while trying to honor Dorsey's style.
The Warrior (04/29/2020)
This is a 1983 performance I did on a mini-recital tour. I had the honor of playing with Jim Curnow conducting the University of Illinois Brass Band. We did "The Warrior" by the great Philip Catelinet.
How to Use Vibrato for Better Phrasing (04/20/2020)
Here some tips and examples for using vibrato more effectively, so that it enhances the music and energizes your interpretation.


Mouthpiece Comparison: Wick 4AL vs. Bach 6-1/2AL (07/05/0020)
This is an easy way to hear the differences between 2 mouthpieces. The 2 mouthpieces are played back-to-back in 3 sets of excertps.