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This section offers videos of tuba players. Some the world's best players can be found below, including Patrick Sheridan, Alessandro Fossi, Oystein Baadsvik, Jeff Funderburk, Gene Pokorny, James Gourlay, Roland Szentpali, Thomas Leleu, Arnold Jacobs, John Fletcher, Mike Roylance, SymbiosisDuo and others.

Harvey Phillips - The Carioca

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Category: Tuba
Artist: Harvey Phillips (6 Videos - See All)
Title: The Carioca

In 1993, The Pasadena Memorial Concert Band [now the Gulf Coast Concert Band] paid tribute to Band Master Paul Lavalle, Conductor of the Cities Service Band of America. A member of that band's tremendous tuba section was the greatest tuba player ever, Dr. Harvey Phillips. Several selections composed by Mr.Lavalle were performed including Big Joe The Tuba. Rex Sagle, Mike Lynch, Frank Woodruff, Curtis Wood, David Wilson, Professor Henry Howie and Harvey Phillips were featured performing the march. Harvey performed it on a 4-valve Conn BBb Tuba, he also performed one of his signature pieces The Carioca, on his Conn CC Tuba. We called Paul Lavalle from the home of Dr. Grady Hallman and wished him well.

Please enjoy these two great selections; it was an honor to have my dear friend Harvey Phillips in the section.

Rex Sagle

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