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Tuba Videos

This section offers videos of tuba players. Some the world's best players can be found below, including Patrick Sheridan, Alessandro Fossi, Oystein Baadsvik, Jeff Funderburk, Gene Pokorny, James Gourlay, Roland Szentpali, Thomas Leleu, Arnold Jacobs, John Fletcher, Mike Roylance, SymbiosisDuo and others.

SymbiosisDuo Collection - Three Florida Orchids

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Category: Tuba
Artist: SymbiosisDuo
Title: Three Florida Orchids

Three Florida Orchids by T. O. Sterrett

SymbiosisDuo [Professional Tuba and Euphonium Duo]
Gail Robertson, Euphonium
Stacy Baker, Tuba
Eunbyol Ko, Piano

Performed LIVE at the 2012 International Tuba-Euphonium Conference in LINZ, Austria
hosted by Steven Mead

I. Wild Coco orchid
II. Night Fragrance
III. Water Spider orchid

Music is available at www.SymbiosisDuo.com

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