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Trumpet/Cornet Videos

This section offers videos of cornet, trumpet, and flugelhorn. Some the world's best players can be found below, including Doc Severinsen, Sergei Nakariakov, Tine Thing Helseth, Alison Balsom, James Shepherd [cornet], Rafael Mendez, Timofei Dokshizer, Maurice Andre, Allen Vizzutti, Wynton Marsalis, Derek Smith [cornet], Giuliano Sommerhalder and others.

There are 611 videos in this section. The five newest entries are:

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Ack van Rooyen Adams Custom Trumpets Adolph Herseth Adrian Eugsler Al Hirt Al Hirt and Guido Basso Al Hirt, Pete Candoli, Dizzy Gillespie, Don Ellis Alan Hobbins (cornet) Alan MacDonald Alan Morrison Alexis Demailly [cornet] Alison Balsom Allan Dean Allan Dean [cornet] Allen Vizzutti Allen Vizzutti and Rex Richardson Andrea Giuffredi Anna Spedding {cornet} Antonio Cambres Army Field Band Trumpet Section Arturo Sandoval Beth Peroutka {cornet} Bill Chase Boston Trumpet Ensemble Brandon Ridenour Brian Evans {soprano cornet} Brian MacDonald and Kevin Burns Bryan Appleby-Wineberg [cornet] Buster Cooper {with Duke Ellington} Canadian Brass {tpt solo} Carl Saunders {cornet} Carlot Dorve Charles Lazarus Charlie Davis Charlie Shavers and Buck Clayton Chris Botti Chris Martin Christoph Haider-Kroiss Clark Terry Coldstream Guards Trumpet Cornet Section CSO Trumpet Daniel Warren Dave Thomas [cornet] David Daws {cornet} David Hickman David Morris {Whistler} Derek and Phlip Smith [Cornet Duet] Derek Smith [cornet] Derek Watkins Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong Doc Severinsen Doc Severinsen (vocal) Doc Severinsen and Arturo Sandoval Doc Severinsen, Arturo Sandoval Ensemble Seoul Eric Miyashiro Evgeny Liatte Fabiano Maniero Forrest Johnston Fountain City Brass Trumpets Frits Damrow Future Corps Gábor Tarkövi Geoff Gallante Geoff Gallante {cornet} Getzen Factory Technician Gi-Beom Gilbert Johnson Giuliano Sommerhalder Giuliano Sommerhalder {Baroque trumpet} Giuliano Sommerhalder {cornet} Graham Walker [cornet] Gunhild Carling Guy Touvron Hakan Hardenberger Håkan Hardenberger Hakan Hardenberger {cornet} Hans Gansch Hans Gansch [cornet] Hans Marius Andersen Hans Marius Andersen [cornet] Harmen Vanhoorne Harry James Harry Roy Orchestra Hee Chan Ahn {cornet} Herve Feraud Huug Steketee [cornet] Iain Culross {cornet} Igor Cecocho Iwan Williams Jack Mackintosh {cornet} James Ackley James F. Burke {cornet} James Morrison James Shepherd [cornet] James Whitaker [cornet] Jens Lindemann Jim Davies [cornet] Jim Manley Jim Shepherd [cornet] Joanne Childs [Flugelhorn] Joe Burgstaller Joe Burgstaller {cornet} John Doyle [soprano cornet] John Hudson John Opina (cornet) Johnny Corwell Josep A. Casado {cornet} Josh Rogan Jouko Harjanne Julliard Trumpet Ensemble Keith Thompson {soprano cornet} Kevin Ashman [cornet] Kevin Crockford {soprano cornet} Kyle Lawson {cornet} Laura Hirst {cornet} Lee Morgan M. R. van Dijk Malcolm McNab Manuel Blanco Gomez-Limon Manuel Blanco Gomez-Limon [cornet] Marco Pierobon Mark Wilkinson (cornet) Markus Wuersch Martin Schröder Martin Winter [cornet] Martyn Thomas [cornet] Matthew Garza Matthias Hoefs Maurice Andre Maurice Murphy Maurice Murphy (cornet) Maurice van Dijk Melissa Venema Mette Stene Ertsgaard [flugelhorn] Micah Maurio Mnozil Brass NH Lee Ole Edvard Antonsen Ole Edvard Antonsen [cornet] Otto Sauter Pete Candoli, Conte Candoli Phil Smith [cornet] Philip Cobb {cornet} Philip Cobb {trumpet} Philip Cobb and Nigel Gomm Philip Smith Philip Smith [cornet] Phillip Cole {cornet} Phillip McCann [cornet] Phlip Smith Phllip McCann [cornet] Rafael Mendez Raguel Rodriquez Raquel Rodriquez {cornet} Reinhold Friedrich Rex Merriweather Rex Richardson and Rich Kelley Richard Marshall [cornet] Richard Marshall [post horn] Richard Martin [cornet] Robert Sullivan and Michael Bosch Roger Webster {cornet} Rolf Smedvig Roman Rindberger Romm, Sulliver, Stowman Ron Barrows Ronald Romm Rosko, La Garde, and Vlado Ruben Simeo Rula Zaki {Vocalist} Russell Gray [cornet] Santino Torre {piccolo trumpet} Selina Ott [cornet] Sergei Nakariakov Sergei Nakariakov [flugelhorn] Sergei Nakariakov and Geert Chatrou Simon Griffiths {cornet} Solo Trompette Cavalerie St. Louis Symphony Trumpets Steketee and de Jeijs [cornet and euphonium] Tamas Palfalvi (15 yrs. old) Terry Everson {cornet} Thomas Gansch Timofei Dokshizer Timofey Dokshitser Timofey Dokshizer Timothy Morrison Tine Thing Helseth Tom Hooten Tom Hutchinson {cornet} Tom Shorthouse [Flugelhorn] Tora Thorslund Trio: Vizzutti, Sauter, Elam Trombania Trumpet Mates 8 Unknown Unknown (Russian) Unknown - Novelty Unknown [Clarino] Unknown Flugelhorn Vadim Novikov Various High Note Trumpets Various Screamers Vassily Brandt Vincent DiMartino Vlado Kumpan Walter Chesnut Walter Rogers [Cornet] Warren Vache {cornet} Wayne Bergeron Wim van Boven [cornet] Woodworker: 58scallop Wynton Marsalis Wynton Marsalis {cornet} Yeh Shu-Han Zsolt Nagy Major

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