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Derick Kane Collection - Euphonium Music Videos

Many videos for brass ensemble, euphonium, and tuba are available on the Internet. This page has some very nice euphonium performances from virtuoso players including David Werden, Steven Mead, David Childs, David Thornton, Brian Bowman, Aaron VanderWeele, Lyndon Baglin, Adam Frey, Demondrae Thurman, Charley Brighton, Glenn van Looy, David Bandman, jazz euphonium and others. There are also baritone horn solos to help demonstrate what a real British baritone sounds (and looks) like.

Derick Kane Collection - Travelling Along

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Category: Euphonium
Artist: Derick Kane
Title: Travelling Along

Performed with International Staff Band. Chris Mallett, who was Divisional Music Director in California, wrote TRAVELLING ALONG for himself to play during a visit to the UK in 2000. It is based on two well-known tunes, Travel Along in the Sunshine, and Sunshine, Sunshine. Listeners may also pick up humerous references to the tunes California, Here I Come and Raindrops keep Falling On my Head!.

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