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Euphonium-Tuba Quartets
Brass Quartets
Solos with Piano or Unaccompanied
Solos with Band
Euphonium Music Guide Online
Euphonium CD: Steven Mead - Horovitz Euphonium Concerto (Horovitz Conducting)
Euphonium Solo CD: Adam Frey - Collected Dreams, Scottish, Irish, and classical songs with synthesizer
Euphonium Book by Brian Bowman - Practical Hints on Playing the Baritone (Euphonium)
Euphonium Solo CD - Brian Bowman - American Variations. Favorite solos with Cincinnati College Wind Ensemble.
Euphonium CD: Uther Pendragon - Baritone horn artist Gilles Rocha
Tuba-Euphonium Jazz: Modern Tuba Jazz Project - Favorite Things, an exciting new CD. 3 euphs and 3 tuba plus rhythm

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Sound Samples

These sound clips are in RealAudio® format, so you will need the appropriate plug-in to hear them. File size is listed after the title.

Euphonium/Tuba Quartets:

Bach/Werden: Air from Suite No. 3 (313 k)

Bach/Werden: Bist du bei Mir. (287 k)

Bach/Werden: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (311 k)

Berlioz/Werden: Hungarian March (306 k)

Chopin/Werden: Minute Waltz (127 k)

Fillmore/Werden: Melody Shop March (229 k)

Gautier/Werden: Le Secret. (short sample - 67 k)

Joplin/Werden: Euphonic Sounds (345 k)

Joplin/Werden: Rag-Time Dance (284 k)

Joplin/Werden: Swipesy (271 k)

Mozart/Werden: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (684 k)

Reicha/Werden: Four Quartets (631 k - last 3 movements)

Schumann/Werden: Suite from Album for the Young (499 k)

Sousa/Werden: Hands Across the Sea (193 k)

Sousa/Werden: Stars and Stripes Forever (236 k)

Sousa/Werden: Washington Post March (231 k)

Trad/Werden: Songs of the British Isles (591 k)



Bach/Werden: Aria-Duet from Cantata 78 (575 k - this version is flugel and euphonium with band)

Boda, John: Sonatina for Euphonium and Synthesizer Tape. (128 k - requires RealPlayer 5.0)

Kriesler/Werden: Liebesfreud (453 k)

Mantia/Werden: Endearing Young Charms (778 k - this is 2 euphoniums with band)

Mendelssohn/Werden: Spinning Song. (109 k - requires RealPlayer 5.0)

Mozart/Werden: Concerto for Basson, 1st Movement (739 k - this recording is euphonium solo)

Schubert/Werden: Arpeggione Sonata (714 k - selections from all 3 movements)

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