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Thread: Strerling silver leadpipie

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    Strerling silver leadpipie

    Question. So how does having a sterling silver leadpipe affect the sound of, let's say, an E1, or anything else?
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    Good question, I changed the leadpipe on my Geneva from yellow to red brass, because there was red rot in it (It was already there when I bought it). Red brass is less prone to red rot. But otherwise I can't say I notice much of a diferrence. Maybe it softens articulations a little bit..

    Edit: I don't know how a Sterling silver leadpipe would react. But I suspect it doesn't do much as a leadpipe material on euphoniums. It does do a lot to the sound as a bell material.
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    You might be interested in taking a look at these comments of Noah Gladstone's (Brass Ark) on leadpipes in trombones. In general, copper is supposed to yield a "warmer" tone color, yellow brass is supposed to give "clarity" to your sound, nickel silver provides "brilliance," and sterling silver is supposed to provide a "full bodied with rich overtones, clarity and projection" sound. At least for trombones. And it's impossible to know what those terms all mean unless you experiment with different leadpipes.

    Do the leadpipes do this? I'm not really sure, in general; and definitely have no idea with respect to euphoniums. I do have a copper lead pipe in my bass trombone because (a) the lead pipe that came in it (being low end Chinese manufacture) was pretty crappy in terms of being a bit stuffy and delivering a tone quality I didn't like, and (b) I wanted to try to push my horn a bit in the direction of an orchestral bass rather than a "commercial" bass. It has accomplished that (to some degree -- you can only do so much just by changing the lead pipe). And you just can't make a Chines 7B clone into a Bach 50 (which I don't really want anyway).

    There are times when (depending on the type or piece of music) I think I'd like one that would provide a bit more brilliance. But not enough that I want to throw another $200 or more at a second leadpipe. But I do keep my eyes open for a used yellow brass one to try. However, I'm definitely not inclined to throw somewhere in the range of $500 at a sterling leadpipe. That's almost what my horn cost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex View Post
    Question. So how does having a sterling silver leadpipe affect the sound of, let's say, an E1, or anything else?
    Here is my post when I had some things done to my Adams E3, to include replacing the original leadpipe with a sterling silver leadpipe. Read through the post for comments on the leadpipe and its affects.
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    Thanks! Read the thread. Lot's of great info there.

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