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Thread: Euphonium Repertoire by Female Composers

  1. Euphonium Repertoire by Female Composers

    I have a student who is planning a recital and would like to program some pieces by female composers. Any suggestions from Forum members?
    Thank you in advance.

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    See this fairly recent discussion thread by our host David Werden:

    My Project: Arranging Songs by Female Composers
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickF View Post
    See this fairly recent discussion thread by our host David Werden:

    My Project: Arranging Songs by Female Composers
    Thanks, Rick! There are two specific suites available now (and more in the queue).

    Augusta Holmes:

    Amy Beach:

    And my International Songbook for Euphonium has the lovely and powerful song "Homing" by Teresa Del Riego:
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    The other day I pulled out the international songbook and played through Homing a couple times. After reading this discussion I went to YouTube and listened to Dave's performance of Homing from the GPRTEC conference. What a beautiful performance! I am inspired to put it on my stand again soon to try playing with the same kind of musicality that Dave is so masterful at.

    It also led me to finding versions on YouTube from vocalists. Really is a lovely song.
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  5. In addition to the great suggestions already made:

    -Barbara York's "A Caged Bird" is written for trombone but has also been performed on euphonium - see these performances by Megumi Kanda (tbn) and Gail Robertson (euph)

    -Cait Nishimura has written "Tundra" for euph, as well adapted "Golden Hour" (originally written for horn, with versions available for tuba, clarinet and trumpet). Tundra performed by Aaron Campbell, and Golden Hour (tuba) performed by Jarrett McCourt

    -Mino Kabasawa's "Desert Rose" - performance by Shoichiro Hokazono

    -Kayla Roth wrote a suite for unaccompanied euph - "Modal Suite" - performance by Danny Chapa

    -Misa Mead has written a few works for euph as well!
    Contest Piece - this was specifically written to be accessible for younger students
    Otemoyan Fantasy
    Kokyu - Euph duet with piano

    -Miho Hazama wrote a challenging yet fun tuba-euph quartet titled "Four Seasons"
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