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Thread: New tuba-euph polka record from the Bierkeller Boys Oompah Band

  1. Cool New tuba-euph polka record from the Bierkeller Boys Oompah Band

    Hi everyone, we’re the Bierkeller Boys Oompah Band, a young German-American tuba-euphonium quartet. We’ve been playing polka across the Midwestern US since 2017. Our new record, The Bierkeller Boys Dive In!, has been a hit in the polka community, and we’d love to hear what you think as well. What better time for polka than Oktoberfest?

    Tracks include classics like The Beer Barrel Polka, the Pennsylvania Polka, and Do-Re-Mi, as well as deeper cuts including Western waltzes, traditional marches, heimat soundtracks, and beerhall singalongs. Arrangers include Norlan Bewley, Gail Robertson, Mike Forbes, and our own Niko Schroeder.

    Find the album on…

    Apple Music

    or wherever you stream your favorites.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
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    This is wonderful playing, thanks for sharing! For what it is worth, as soon as your recording of Pennsylvania Polka came on our six year old immediately stopped what they were doing, listened for a few seconds, and then asked "Where is Pennsylvania?". So I think he liked it!

    Hope to see y'all in or around Chicago sometime.
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  3. Thanks, Aroberts! Glad to hear you (and your kid) like it. We're not playing live at the moment since a couple of our members are living in Europe, but we'll be back soon!
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  4. A bit more about the band for anyone interested--

    The Bierkeller Boys are the Midwest's premier polka-playing tuba quartet. These four low brass aficionados specialize in what tubas do best — oompah music — including traditional and contemporary German American polkas, waltzes, marches, folk songs, light music, and other dances.

    They regularly perform across the Midwest, spreading Gemütlichkeit whether they are playing Harmoniemusik for the dining hall or lively dances for the Oktoberfest Biergarten. Their unique instrumentation, dynamic audience engagement, and varied musical selections create an enjoyable atmosphere, whether you want to dance, sing along, or listen and chat.

    Their versatile and engaging performances have brought them to contemporary and historic German American venues alike across Chicago, Milwaukee, St Louis, Denver, Kansas City, Omaha, and more.

    Connect with us on…

    Our website

  5. And a full tracklist!

    1. Pennsylvania Polka, arr. Gail Robertson
    2. Okey Dokey Polka, arr. Niko Schroeder
    3. Beer Barrel Polka, arr. Mike Forbes
    4. Strauss Waltzes, arr. Norlan Bewley
    5. Colonel Bogey, arr. Bewley
    6. Einmal Am Rhein, arr. Schroeder
    7. Do-Re-Mi, arr. Schroeder
    8. Hofbrau Haus Medley, arr. Bewley
    9. Tavern in the Town, arr. Bewley
    10. When It’s Springtime in the Rockies, arr. Schroeder
    11. Old Comrades/Alte Kameraden, arr. Bewley
    12. Ein Prosit, arr. Schroeder

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