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Thread: Matching the mouthpice to the player, or to the brand of euph, that is the question

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    I find that some horns seem to have subjectively better pitch tendencies with certain mouthpieces. This is true both on Euphonium and Baritone. There are lots of factors - cup depth, rim size, shank length, backbore, throat, etc. All of that interacts with the mouthpiece receiver gap, and all the internal taper and bends of the venturi and leadpipe.
    Definitely true. My Sovereign with my K&G 4D+, Wick 4AL, and Wick SM4X all have different tendencies. To be honest, I think the SM4X has better intonation on that particular instrument but I still prefer the K&G as other characteristics are superior.
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    Just to clarify on my old trumpet, commonly referred to as “Old Gold” in our household, I’m not attempting to have the same sound from the old horn that I have from my Holton MF horn, just simply trying to keep it in tune. I’ve used it once or twice and it plays acceptably, but it doesn’t have the sound I want from a solo trumpet on a weekly basis. My MF horn also blends well with pro trumpet players Bach horn he uses for jazz and big band playing on the occasions he joins me.

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    I play a Besson Sovereign euph and have landed on using the Wick 4AL. Tried the Schilke 51 D, 52 D, 52 E2, and an ACB 1, The ACB 1 was better for me than al of the Schilkes, but the Wick 4AL helped me more in the high range, where eups flourish. I will say that I struggle to focus everything in the mid-range on that 'piece, but I think with any mouthpiece the player needs to adjust to what it does. The euph is a 1995 model of Sovereign with a .80 bell thickness. I don't know how that year differs from a 2023 model, but the Wick 4AL seems to be pretty ubiquitous in use these days.
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