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Thread: 'Pitch fall' in jazz

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    'Pitch fall' in jazz

    I found an old solo I remember playing during my trumpet days nearly 60 yrs ago. "Cherry Pink (and Apple Blossom White)", music by Marcel Louiguy. I could get a pitch fall fairly well on trumpet but it doesn't seem to work as well on euphonium for me. I tried 'half-valving' different valves and it seems from 'Bb' (TC 'C') the 3rd valve works a little but not great. I watched Dave's excellent video on "How to Do a Glissando / Smear" and this is similar to the technique I was trying. Maybe a conical bore instrument is different?

    Here's a good example on trumpet:

    "Cherry Pink" - Andrea Giuffredi

    Some years ago I played "Blue Moon" (Rodgers/Hart) with a band and couldn't bend the pitch too well on 6th partial 'F' (TC- 'G'). All singers bend that pitch the second time that phrase is sung. But bumping the 4th valve worked well. Since I didn't need the 4th valve in that solo I pulled out the 4th valve slide pretty far to get a decent affect.
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