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Thread: Frederick Fennell - A Life of Joyful Discovery

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    Frederick Fennell - A Life of Joyful Discovery

    Someone in the band loaned me a DVD of "Frederick Fennell - A Life of Joyful Discovery". It was excellent with lots of history. If you want to know more about Dr. Fennell I recommend watching it. I went online to see if the DVD was still available since it was created in 2004, noticed that it's been archived and available to watch for free at the link below:

    "Frederick Fennell - A Life of Joyful Discovery"
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    He conducted the 1969 New Jersey All-State Band, in which I was first-chair tuba. He was very approachable and clearly enjoying working with us. No hint of conceit or pretense.
    Years later, he conducted a Tuba Christmas at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago. Before the Tuba Christmas, we did a Studs Terkel Radio Show with Harvey and Fred Fennell. Hearing Harvey and Studs Terkel swap stories was priceless!
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    Thanks for posting! It was very good!
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