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Thread: Adams Sonic Sticky Valve

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    Adams Sonic Sticky Valve

    I bought a new Adams Sonic a few weeks ago and have an issue with a sticky 4th valve. If I move it quickly, it is OK. If I have to hold it down for several notes, it will stick on the way up. I actually had the same problem when I first got my Adams E3, but it eventually went away. I emailed Adams and they responded with:

    Thank you for your message. The sticking valve is a common issue by the Sonic Euphonium. Polishing, cleaning, and oiling the valve won’t stop the issue because it depends on the structure of the valve.
    We always solve this problem by grinding in the valve a little bit in our reparation department. After grinding, our experience is that the valve will work.

    They suggest sending the horn back to them, but they could not even reserve a date until December.

    I bought from Thomann because when I needed the horn, they were the only one with it in stock. Otherwise, I was waiting until October or later to get one.

    I live in Florida and wonder if anyone has some ideas as to what I can do or someone I can take the horn to for adjustments.

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    Sorry to hear about your sticky 4th valve problem. I’m thinking that the ‘grinding’ they’re referring to is what we call ‘lapping’ here in the U.S. but not sure. If you want to try something yourself I’d suggest you read Dave Werden’s post about “All About Valve Maintenance” here:

    Toward the bottom he talks about using Flitz polishing compound on valves and shares links for ordering Flitz polishing compound. He has a good video on how he used the Flitz on his valves here:

    I’m sure there’s many brass repair techs in the Orlando area but I don’t know that area. in Daytona Beach there’s Brass and Reed. Billy Birthrong is the brass technician there and does excellent work. He's the guy that Gail Robertson took her horn to when she lived and worked in the Orlando area or Gainesville when teaching at UF.

    Brass & Reed
    675 Mason Ave.
    Daytona Beach, FL 32117
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