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Thread: How to replace plastic valve guide on Besson 967

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    How to replace plastic valve guide on Besson 967


    How do you replace a plastic valve guide on a Besson 967?


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    If I'm remembering correctly, they are held in by the stem threading into the top of the piston. If the stem won't move, it's tricky and requires some special tools to get it out without damaging it, though. You could try a small pair of channel locks gripping through one of those rubber gripper pads used for opening jars, but don't squeeze too tightly. Get to a repair person who will have a specialized tool.

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    I second getting a repair person to do it. A lot of times the valve guide needs to be "fitted", that is, filed down slightly so that it fits perfectly to the horn. So unless you have a few extras in case you mess up and remove too much, a good repair tech should have the experience to do it right the first time, or they'll pay for the parts they mess up out of their own pocket.
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