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Thread: K&M Euphonium/Baritone stand

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    Don’t forget about the Hercules French horn stand. It works great for euphs and it’s low to the ground.
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    PM sent!

    Quote Originally Posted by John Morgan View Post
    The US source for K&M products is Connolly Music Company.

    Attachment 10872

    If you need more information (I have ordered several spare parts from Connolly for my K&M stand over the years), PM me and I will forward to you all the correspondence I have with K&M in Germany and Connolly in the US.
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    My K&M stand has been wearing socks for several years!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishlips View Post
    My K&M stand has been wearing socks for several years!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Excellent!! I like that even better than the felt paper I think.
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    To go in a completely different direction ...

    Having switched "full time" to euphonium recently, I felt the need for a stand on which to set it when not being used -- and one that I MIGHT at some point using during band rehearsals or concerts (space permitting). Not wanting to spend a lot of money on this, I looked around to see what I might have suitable for holding and protecting my valuable (to me) $750 Mack Brass (Yamaha 641 knock-off) euphonium. I quickly espied the guitar stand I'd bought for my bass guitar (which I never really got into playing). Hmmm ...

    It wasn't quite satisfactory as it was ... but close. Deploying the stand put the bottom supports just a bit too wide for the euph. Cutting a flat piece of aluminum (from Lowes) that was sitting around in my garage/shop, and drilling a couple of holes for sheet metal screws resulted in a stable configuration for the euph. Chopping off (with Mr. Hacksaw) some unnecessary forward bits of the support rods yielded a compact and double-duty stand that works great for the euph and also the bass guitar. It folds to be pretty much flat.

    The stand is an On-Stage stand I got from Sweetwater (GS7462B A-Frame Guitar Stand, currently $36.95). It ain't a K&M, but it works well for me. Pics are attached. On-Stage seems to have approximately 200,000 stands of various sorts and sizes. Still not sure I'd want to put it where stumbling clarinet players could encounter it -- but then it seems virtually impossible to defend against that without something like electric fence.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    one should always worry about stumbling clarinet players.

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