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Thread: Curious if anybody knows anything about Stanley Sobosky

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    Curious if anybody knows anything about Stanley Sobosky

    I was given a tuba by a friend whose family at one time lived in the Detroit area. The tuba has Stanley’s name engraved in it, so far this is the only info I could find about him, in a Conn 20J promotion. Just curious about any more info available about him.

    What Conn said in 1934:
    The newest of Conn basses cuts the stroke nearly 33 per cent and gives the bass player an action just a trifle longer than that of a cornet! [...] Furthermore, the finger tips have been arched to fit the natural position of the fingers and have been moved 5/32 of an inch closer together. This gives the shortest, fastest, easiest-working valve action built into a bass and is a boon to all players. Equipped with celebrated Clickless Crysteel Pumps. Built with detachable, adjustable 24-inch bell tilted slightly upward, mouthpipe swung away from the bell stem, equipped with curved, swivel bit-all of which features give comfort in playing and clear view of the director. The intonation is the finest ever built into a bass. Immediately bought by such men as Chas. Barber, Waring's Pennsylvanians; Chas. Ford, Jan Garber; and Stanley Soboski, phenomenal bass, Fox theatre, Detroit. Large bore, BBb, 3 valves.

    Note: Although the tuba has some wear and tear, it is still in decent condition and plays very well. Friend of mine is a profession tuba guy, he tried it out and immediately liked the way it plays and sounds.
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