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Thread: Weibster Euphonium with trigger

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    Weibster Euphonium with trigger

    Anyone tried? presume Chinese made, but says Weibster USA on the bell. A little digging suggets American designed and over seen. Apparently they have sought to provide an affordable horn with Besson qualities, or as much as possible at the lower price point.

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    I looked the euphonium you mentioned up online. This one looks a lot like the Thomann 904 euphonium, the John Packer 274 and the ACB doubler. The JP and ACB do not have a trigger. The Thomann euphonium does have a trigger and looks to be exactly the same as the weibster.

    I would go for the JP or the ACB. The triggers need more maintenance and the cheap ones usually aren't that solid. So I'd buy one without the trigger.
    JP and ACB are both good horns with a lot of favourable reviews. Good luck!

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    I agree. You should check out the JP274. Capital Music Gear is currently selling them for $1345 with free shipping (so, total price).

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