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Thread: BE2052-2G-0 Prestige Series Compensating Euphonium

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    BE2052-2G-0 Prestige Series Compensating Euphonium

    I have a 2015 Prestige 2052 Euphonium (which I am going to sell) and wondered how this compared to the Be2052-2G-0. Is the 2G a new model.

    I have an Adams E3 that I use in bands and the Besson is my backup. I decided to get an Adams Sonic as my second horn because it is easier for me to play in tune rather than using alternative fingering or the trigger.

    I am trying to do comparisons to come up with a price and all I see on the internet is 2G.

    It is time for me to get rid of some of my horns to make room in the closets.

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    The 1G has a lacquer finish and the 2G is silver plated. The same otherwise.

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