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Thread: Not sure yet what this is

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    Not sure yet what this is

    A few days ago, I received a new horn for my collection. It was advertised as "Flughel" and nothing more. I was intrigued by the large bell, hoping it was a Solo Alto Horn. When I got it, I found out that the mouthpiece receiver was very large, fitting a Large shank Euphonium/Trombone mouthpiece. The mouthpiece that was in it was only marked "A26", no makers' mark. It was suggested to me to put an Alto/Tenor Horn mouthpiece in, but the receiver is much too wide; they go in all the way up to the cup and then really needs a large shank.
    With the current mouthpiece, it is pitched somewhere between E and E-Flat, so my guess is it was originally intended High Pitch E-Flat, though it could just as well be F being flat because of an incorrect mouthpiece. When I tried playing together with piano and MP3-accompaniment, it plays close enough to E to not hurt my ears too much.
    I have asked around, but there is no consensus yet to what it is. Some say it is an Alto Flugelhorn, others say an Alto Horn and I think it could even be a Bass Trumpet as I've seen a picture on horn-u-copia of a Moritz Bass trumpet that looks very, very similar. Any guesses here?

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    Excuse the cracked notes...I am not used to this size mouthpiece anymore and even then it was hard work as I had to transpose on sight from E-Flat to E with some alternate fingerings and a lot of lipping, to try to get it close to being somewhat in tune.
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    Italy had (has?) ensembles with instruments like this that would roughly translate to Alto Flugelhorn. Outside of that, the German would be Althorn in Trompetenform. The obsession with crazy bell-front alto things is largely an American thing.

    As far as the reciever goes, almost certain that you're missing a pigtail crook(s). I've never seen anything alto running over 10.7mm shank. Quick search shows that you could find A=437, 446, and 451 in various cities in Italy. So yeah, if it's currently playing in roughly E, that's quite a chunk of missing tuning.
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    Nice job of wrangling that neat little horn.

    It reminds me of the bass trumpet the guy in Mnozil Brass sometimes plays.

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