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Thread: Image Upload Size Limit Is 5 MEG

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    Image Upload Size Limit Is 5 MEG

    Please note; when uploading images, no single image file can be larger than 5 meg. This is to make sure page load times don't bloat too much when many uploaded images appear on a page.

    The 5 meg limit was enough for most smart phone photos a few years ago, but as cameras have improved, the image size has increased dramatically. The newest iPhone Pro can shoot photos that are from 25 meg to 75 meg (depending on how you set your preferences). That's great for photos you want to crop seriously or for ones you want to blow up to poster size, but that size is wasted on the forum. If you could upload an image that large, either the browser would shrink it to fit, or you would have an image that is 10x the size of the screen.

    Your phone's image editing capabilities may be able to reduce file size (do a Google search), or you can download to a computer and use a program to shrink things.
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    when I'm on my phone, I use an app called LilPhoto that gives me a lot of control on making any photo any size I want.

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