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Thread: Mystery Euphonium?

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    Mystery Euphonium?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to these forums as a member but have been reading them for a long while.

    I'm going to college for Music and needed an instrument. I was sold a compensating euphonium for a very good price from a family friend that is a Euphonium Profesor but would like to know the brand.

    The Serial number engraved on the 2nd valve is 0619505. The rest of the instrument has zero engravings. I don't mind what the brand is because it is a step up from my H.S.-owned horn right now, and I play well on it. It is relatively new and came with a standard all-black case with a silver stripe where the latches are. (I bought the 51 D mouthpiece that's in the case.

    If anyone has an idea about the brand please let me know!

    Thank you,

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	Euphonium in case.jpg 
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ID:	10331

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    The lack of a makers' engraving means it is a clone of a brand name horn.

    At this point I'd say it is from China or India.

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    This is an unbranded Jinbao JBEP-1150. I presume it would actually be JBEP-1150N since it's plated, but I'm not entirely sure. They seem to have dropped that nomenclature on their website. If it works for you, it works. Nothing wrong with that. I have a similar sort of rebranded Jinbao JBEP-1110N (the big huge oval rotary thing) and's alright after I did a ton of work to it. Definitely not the worst instrument I own.

    Slightly off-topic, but interesting, I saw on Alibaba that Jinbao or Jinyin are now producing a 4V compensating [Bb Bass] Saxhorn. At this rate, I might be able to get a decent Wagnertuba before I die.
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    Correct. Jinbao horn. That case looks just like the case shipped with “Music Store”s Monzani brand euphs…
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    I agree with notaverygoodname, that looks like a Jinbao horn to me as well. It looks very similar to the Schiller that I played for about 7 years. The only difference that I could find in photos of your horn and my Schiller is the band where the bottom bow is soldered to the bell is different, otherwise all the bracing style and placement, pull rings, water keys, valve caps, finger buttons, etc... look identical.

    At one point in the last couple of years a came across a company online called Radiant Brass that sells unbranded Jinbao horns, so it could be that. In any case, these are pretty good horns and I enjoyed mine while I had it, so have fun playing it!
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    Thank you
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    Interesting, thank you

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