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Thread: Besson 3V Top Piston what is it?

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    Besson 3V Top Piston what is it?

    I'm looking at two Besson BBb Tubas. Both are 3V and top pistons in excellent condition. One has the bell engraved: Besson London International Made in England BE-787 the the s/n dates it to 1998. Certainly not the glory years, but nevertheless made in England should give me some confidence. Pictures of the second one are enclosed, since it does NOT say made in England I can assume it was not. Since it also says B&H England it must be sometime before 2002 or whenever the breakup occurred. I have read they made student horns in India. Surely these would be considered student horns but thats really all I need. Am I correct in thinking they would still be better in the long run than a new Schiller 3V? The 700 is priced at 1200 and the 787 about half of that.
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