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Thread: Looking for a Flugabone

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    Looking for a Flugabone

    I am on the look out for a Flugabone. I sadly just lost a bidding war on ebay in the last second for a Conn 138E. They seem to come and go on ebay rather quickly and I was hoping not to spend more than $500-$600. I am really interested in either the King 1130, Conn 138E, the Blessing model, and the Olds model. If anyone knows where I might have some luck finding one send me a message! Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry you lost out on the eBay auction, but perhaps our alert members here will help you find another opportunity.
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  3. I would recommend a Blessing Artist marching baritone. I like the sound and response better than the King Flugabone (1130). Great valves on the Blessing. But if you are trying to match a trombone sound, the King is better for that. What is your target sound?

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    The brass group I play with I think is looking for that brighter more “punchy” sound. Although, I am a fan of the blessing marching baritone, I will look into those as well! I am also just very interested in the idea of a Flugabone, but I have heard complaints about response and intonation.

  5. Just saw this one listed. Current bid is $100, but there is a reserve price on it.
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