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  1. Euphonium College Suggestions

    Hello! I am about to become a senior in high school and I will begin applying to colleges very soon. I don't feel that teaching is for me and I that I want to major in performance. I live in Texas and I would like to remain in the state, or at least near Texas. I plan on applying to UNT, however I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions for some other best schools in the area to go try out for, just in case. Or if there are any schools with euphonium openings?
    Thank you in advance for your suggestions!!

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    I can only speak in general (partly due to a bad memory for certain details!).

    A good private lesson instructor is important, of course, but there are other factors. My former colleague, Danny Vinson, teaches at Kilgore College, for example. Danny would be an excellent teacher, but I don't think Kilgore offers a euphonium performance degree. That might be the first thing to check at prospective schools.

    But another factor is having good ensemble and performing opportunities. At UNT, it's my understanding that playing in a band can be a limited opportunity because of the 35-ish other euphonium majors there. Such playing is good experience.

    Check some of the threads in the forum about being a performance major on euphonium. I'm sure you know that paying jobs are mostly in the service bands. Outside of the military, your career might be dependent on pickup gigs, in which case you would need a job skill to earn you a paycheck and benefits. A college minor might prepare you for that.

    If you go with a non-military path (either due to your preference or your luck in auditions) you need to be good at promoting yourself. I wonder if a Marketing course or two would be of any benefit??? In any case, effective self promotion takes some inner resolve and outer skills that not everyone has. My old section mate, Denis Winter, was a creative promoter. He often joked that my career would be much better if he were my manager (he was not truly looking for the job). And he was right - I don't really have good inherent promotion skills. The military was a good choice for me.
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  3. For Texas, the big one is UNT, however you will not be given enough opportunities as an undergrad there. Texas Tech has a very good Tuba/Euphonium studio under Dr. Wass. However, there are usually only 1-3 spots open so it’s extremely competitive. TCU has a good program, but I am unfamiliar with who teaches there. UTSA, UT, and WTAMU all have good programs as well, but most are taught by a trombone player. You might look at schools in Oklahoma as a possible option depending on your location! I wouldn’t discount teaching yet, most schools don’t require education courses until junior year. It is much easier to have a career with a teaching certificate as a backup!
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  4. I hadn't considered taking marketing courses, I now see why that would be helpful. I will look into good private instructors and more performance opportunities. Thank you for the advice!

  5. Thank you for suggesting those schools I will look into them!

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