This forum has a history going back to 1997, and it continues to be a popular place to discussion low brass topics. There is no price for admission! Please keep the following forum rules in mind:

  1. This forum is a safe place to offer questions and opinions. No "flaming" is tolerated (i.e. no direct attacks/insults toward other users). The primary constraint is that all conversation will follow the "Socratic method" - CANDOR, INTELLIGENCE, AND GOODWILL.
  2. All participants should understand that I want members of all ages and experience to be able to post with comfort. Some of our members are very inexperienced and need help to learn what many of us take for granted. Other members are very experienced, but may have diverse opinions. This can all lead to healthy, informative discussion.
  3. I intend the forum to be a long-term repository for discussions. If you post a question and it is answered to your satisfaction, do not delete your question! Others who come later may find it very helpful. This rule applies even to for-sale and wanted-to-buy posts (future visitors can find it helpful to look back at sale prices and other information to assess the trends).
  4. Just as with the rules for a happy extended family dinner, let's stay out of religion and politics. This is not intended to prohibit playing in a religious setting or performing music with a religious purpose. It is also not intended to limit discussing how to deal with fallout from political decisions, such as budget cuts to a school, etc. I hope the logic is clear - we are centered around instruments, music, and musicians.
  5. Some discussions deal with physical difficulties. The advice given here must be understood to be opinions from other members, and not "official" medical advice. I have found these discussions helpful; many have triggered ideas of things I could try. But I apply common sense and so should you.
  6. The moderators and I try to step in when needed, and may delete a thread that is out of line or is clearly spam. I greatly appreciate the moderators and we all try hard, but we may miss something. If you see a post or comment that is suspicious or offensive, please report it. To do so, either PM one of the moderators or use the "Report Post" option. It is represented by the graphic triangle that contains an exclamation mark, found at the bottom of each post.