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Thread: Your Opinions Are Valued about what I should do next-

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    I’ve picked up/adopted some new toys while we were on hiatus, including a fiberglass Bb sousa. I’m not currently using it regularly. If you want to give it a test drive on a Wednesday night to see if you like it (even if all you do is put it on your shoulder and say “nope!”), I’m fine with that.

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    I was curious, is your amazing teacher online or in-person. I have had a good teacher online, a french horn player who was helping me play my Besson 2052 in tune (still challenging), but i just found online lessons did not work well for me. When I took lessons 55 years ago, being in person led to more discipline.

    I play the Euphonium and dabble with trombone in a "junior" jazz band. Because the VFW band I play with did not need another Euphonium player, I bought a Yamaha bass trombone. I do not have trouble making it resonate except when I use the F trigger and go below low F. Then it becomes much more difficult than the Euphonium (I have not practiced those notes like I should). I have no idea how to use the second trigger yet.

    I just bought an Eb Tuba but have other than just trying to play whole notes, I have not done much more. I can see it is going to take time for me to get low notes to even come out. I will be playing this just for my own pleasure (or maybe as self-punishment if I do not do well).

    I am lucky that I do not have an issue yet with the weight of the horns.

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