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Thread: My instrument collection

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    My instrument collection

    I never really thought of myself as a collector, until yesterday when I decided to register all instruments I had lying around in my tiny home. I was a little bit shocked to discover I had 31 of them, more or less playable...

    I put them in an app called "MyCollections" to keep track of them. It also gives the possibility to share your collection publicly. Here is mine:

    (It only shows items with pictures, so my 2017 Wessex Festivo Euphonium is missing as I did not yet take a pic of it)

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    Holy smokes, Martin!! That is a lot of instruments. Makes my collection seem tiny!! Thanks for sharing.
    John Morgan
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    I'm not sure how many horns you have to have to be called "a collector" but I suspect you qualify!
    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
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    Wow, nice collection of horns!
    Rick Floyd
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    I wanted to give my collection their own website, apart from the app, so I made this:

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