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Thread: Lead Pipe on Packer

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    Lead Pipe on Packer


    I have a Packer intermediate model.

    I would like to have the lead pipe position angle changed so it wraps around the bell more toward the player’s mouth. Is it common to have this done? How is this done?


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    I’m waiting for a middle level euphonium with very nice tone to be returned to me from a local shop that has done amazing work for me on other instruments in the past.

    The current project will move the mouthpiece receiver and the thumb ring. The repair staff has had me visit twice during the process, to be sure that the moves will produce the corrections that I need.

    If you have access to a good repair site near enough to travel to a few times during the revision on your horn, and also have a pretty clear sense of what you expect when the work is done, I think you have a better shot at being satisfied with the final product.

    I have been amazed so far at how deftly the techs working on my horn have come up with solutions I’d never have thought of. I had informed them at the outset that I had no interest in how the horn looked, as long as it played more easily for my painful hands and arms. So far, their attempts have been spot on.

    Mine should be done within the next couple weeks, and I will report on the final results when I get it home and begin practicing with it again.
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