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Thread: The President's Own - rehearses Grainger's Licolnshire Posy

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    The President's Own - rehearses Grainger's Licolnshire Posy

    "The President's Own" U.S. Marine Band shared a digital rehearsal of Percy Grainger's "Lincolnshire Posy". Of course these musicians have played this master piece hundreds of time. Colonel Fettig only needs to touch on dynamics and what needs to come out more or less.

    Digital Rehearsal Hall:
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    It is always fun to hear pros rehearse (smile). But now what I would really like is to get Hiram's take of this same rehearsal, from "behind the mouthpiece" so to speak.
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    It was my recollections of playing this under the direction of Keith Brion MANY years ago that ultimately forced me, against my better judgement, to attempt to begin euphonium instruction a couple years ago.

    At the time, he was using a lot of Grainger’s music when not many other ensembles were doing so. I knew of “Lincolnshire Posy” having only heard parts of it, and playing it was an experience that never left me.

    I’m grateful for the nudge it’s given me, even knowing that I will most likely never wind up getting a shot at it again. Just playing a few of the audition samples online still gives me the flutters. Wonderful opportunity to see and hear this rehearsal in person.

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