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Thread: Blessing BTB1488 trombone

  1. Blessing BTB1488 trombone

    Anyone have knowledge on these trombones?

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    I don't know about that model, or even the current generation of Blessing. I played one about 30 years ago that was a Conn 88H copy. It played fairly well but seemed a little clumsy to hold. That could be totally different by now. Blessing used to be know for making decent medium-priced instrument, which were often based on big-brand designs.
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  3. Blessing is now owned by St Louis Music

    I don't believe they are made in the USA anymore.

    The instrument you referenced has the 88 in the name, but it looks like a Yamaha. Top pic is the Yamaha, bottom is the Blessing.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    According to WWBW specs

    Key: Bb/F
    .547 Large Bore
    8.5 Bell Diameter
    Traditional Closed Wrap
    Clear Epoxy Lacquer or Silver Plated Finish
    Two-piece Yellow Brass or Rose Brass Bell
    Traditional F Rotor Design
    Yellow Brass Lead Pipe
    Yellow Brass Body
    Nickel Silver Chrome-Plated Inside Slide
    Narrow Rose Brass Outer Slide with Nickel Silver End Bow
    Large Shank Receiver
    Blessing 6.5AL Trombone Mouthpiece
    Blessing C-88TB Deluxe Case

    The Yamaha is a fine instrument, and the Blessing probably is as well, but (as a trombone player) I haven't had any interaction with the new Blessing instruments. I'd make sure you or someone you trust plays one of these before you put money on it. It's priced more than the average Chinese knockoff, so presumably it should have someone to stand behind it. If you are stuck on something new, in that price range it will have to be Chinese. Of Chinese brands, I only know of Wessex trombones that are decent players. I have 3 Wessex instruments that have all been worth the money, but none of them is as good as the older US made Conns and Kings.

    Personally, if I were in the market for a 547 in that price range (under $2000), I'd get a used Conn 88h, King 4B, Benge 165 or 190, or a Bach 42b, Holton 150, 158, or even a used Courtois, Shires or Edwards. But again, make sure it is tested by someone you trust before spending money.
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