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    Has anyone bought an instrument through Facebook Marketplace?

    They say they have buyer protection up to $2000, I'm wondering if people have had any issues with it.

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    I have. I've never had a circumstance in which I needed to deal with buyer protection, so I have no experience with it.

  3. Hello

    How does one sell through Facebook Marketplace?


  4. I actually have no idea. I just saw some old sales on it and was wondering. They seem to have a buyer protection plan up to $2000.

    Until July or something 2021 it seems they've waived seller's fees, so that would make it cheaper to sell there than eBay.

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    I also have too little experience to be of help with FB sales. The only things I bought off FB Marketplace were some music stands for our church and they were a local deal. I have to say they were not described accurately as to condition and needed some repairs. (The pickup logistics did not give me a chance to loo them over well before taking them.) But I decided to keep them and fix them up.

    I've never had something from eBay come is a surprising condition, but a comparison is tough because what I described above is my total FB Marketplace exerience!
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  6. I also found the option of using an online Escrow service like interesting, I guess I never had heard of that option before. Their fees are very low. If you ever need to do a transaction outside of eBay, you could consider them. That applies to more than just instruments, they'll handle any type of transaction. eBay uses them for larger transactions like vehicles and jewelry I believe.
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    If your looking for efficiency and seller/buyer protections, use eBay, but be aware of the up-to 10% seller fees. I've used Facebook MP for local stuff, but there are a lot of people who will waste your time and just -ghost- you. I've heard about, and that it is recommended for high dollar transactions when using FB- but have never used it. I always try to use PayPal "Send Money" option for the payment part of any transaction for the transaction protection.
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    I've found the general "Facebook Marketplace" kind of sucks for selling high-priced, niche instruments such as ours. I've had MUCH more success with the "Tuba/Euphonium Marketplace" group on Facebook, as it caters specifically to people looking for tubas and euphoniums. I sold my Geneva through that group to a college student and the transaction was smooth as can be. Obviously it helps if you live close enough to the other party to arrange to meet.
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