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Thread: Non-Compensating Marzan Questions

  1. Non-Compensating Marzan Questions

    Has anyone had experience with the non-compensating 4 valve Marzan's?

    I'm wondering how easy it is to use your left hand to tune while you play. I don't see a tuning hook on the pictures of them.

    Also, if you've happened to play the compensating Marzan and non-compensating Marzan/Willson 2975s, how do they compare as far as playability (tone, etc.).

  2. Does anyone know the bore size on the non comp Marzans? I heard they might be smaller than the compensating ones.

  3. I havenít measured mine but I would suspect it to be in the ballpark of .590Ē. Iím not sure whether or not the 4th valve bore is larger. If I get some calipers Iíll measure and let you know. I also havenít played a compensating one so I canít say how they play in comparison to one another.

    Mine has a ring on a stick and itís pretty easy to push and pull to adjust pitch, but not easily enough to make it feasible for fast passages in the low register. The intonation is good enough that I barely have to move it for B natural and E natural, and itís really helpful for bringing F, E, and Eb above the bass staff down.

    Ergonomically though I wish the valve block were parallel to the bell and valves were going straight up and down, rather than at an angle, but I think Iím the odd person out in that opinion. I also wish the leadpipe were higher but itís a euphonium so I guess thatís asking too much. Overall still a killer horn for the price.

  4. Thanks for the info. If you find out the bore, I'd be interested since I want to know what my options are, but I do want a large bore similar to the compensating Marzan


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