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Thread: Alone Yet Not Alone - Bruce Broughton

  1. Alone Yet Not Alone - Bruce Broughton

    Hello everyone,

    I recently heard Dave Weden playing a version of 'Alone Yet Not Alone' for Euphonium with Piano accompaniment and I was wondering if anyone knew if this was available anywhere to perform?

    Best Wishes,

    Micah Dominic Parsons

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    For those who haven't heard it, this is a very nice song written by a one-time euphonium player (Bruce Broughton)!

    The sheet music is available here in multiple keys.
    Alone Yet Not Alone Sheet Music

    In my video I chose the key of E concert, which is not longer offered. But they have Eb and F, which should work nicely. It is a vocal-piano score, so I would suggest ordering a copy in each key ($5.79 for the first, and $3.99 for any additional key). Then you could read the F version as if it were transposed treble clef and give the piano the Eb version. I like playing from the voice part so I can treat notes more suitably for the words. Joni Eareckson did the original version of this and her vocal may be known by some in your audience. So we mustn't trip up anyone's mental sing-along!

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