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Thread: Anyone have experience with the Miraphone 1258AS?

  1. Question Anyone have experience with the Miraphone 1258AS?

    I am browsing for a used euphonium as I prepare to attend college this fall, and I have seen a listing for a Miraphone 1258AS for around $3k USD, from the 90's. I have heard good things about Miraphone tubas, but I am curious if anyone here has played on their euphoniums and have any input they may be able to provide. This might just work for my budget, and I would certainly hate to miss out on it - it would be great to try out the horn in-person, however due to COVID (and a very busy schedule) I'm not sure if that is possible, so any and all comments about the horn is appreciated. Thank you!

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    I have played those and a few conferences. My impression is they have a very large sound and good response throughout the range. Build quality seemed really good.

    The intonation was a bit quirky, but manageable - you can see it here and compare to other horns if you check more than one of the checkboxes:
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  3. That's really useful, thank you!

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