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Thread: The Mouthpiece size arms race

  1. This is an interesting question. As a trombone player who dabbles in euph, it was hard for me to form an idea of what the horn was supposed to sound like. My experience was with instruments that weren't like the Brit brass band euphs that seem to be the primary assumption these days. I started playing with a bass bone mouthpiece, about 1 1/4g. Recently I've realized that trombone and euph use different mouthpieces, with the Euph being a bit deeper. Now I've switched to a SM3 on euph. DE 104 on tenor bone, 1 1/4g on bass bone. Smaller "baritone-ish" instruments are still valid, even if not in the vanguard of elite euphonium players

    Just to say that because of the ambiguity of the instruments identity, I think even a lot of low brass players aren't sure exactly what to expect from a "euphonium" and may not have a well defined sound concept for it. I know this was part of my mouthpiece selection difficulty - I wasn't really sure what it was supposed to sound like.

    Now I'm regressing to a smaller instrument (and likely a smaller mouthpiece too) which I understand may not fit with other more traditional euph players, but it matches my internal sound concept.

    The bass trombone has gone through the crazy size wars, and we joke about bass bones sounding like a slide euphonium.}

  2. I use a Bach 5 and have a 4 for when I want to do tuba-type stuff.

    I got a Bach 3 for fun but I found the 3 just strangles the sound of anything above the staff, most cruelly I might add. Turned out to not be very fun at all.

    The small mouthpieces pinch the sound, the big ones sit on the sound. Medium ones, Bach 5 or ish, seem to hit it just right.

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