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    I am putting for sell my Antoine Courtois French Tuba in C 168 model "D´orchestre"11 inches bell, 6 pistons, silverplated. It comes with Case, Courtois T3 mouthpiece (similar to Bach 1 with small shank)and Paul Bernard "Methode Complete for Trombone Basse, Tuba, Sachorns Basses et Contrebasse"

    Price is: 2000 USD + shipping from Perú. I can ship anywhere around the world (If available). I have experience shipping instruments and other items to all the globe.

    Pictures here:!AoYPKzkBrEctwFEb...LWvQP?e=NM0rMv
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    Did someone here grab this? Would love to hear some feedback if so!
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    Quote Originally Posted by davewerden View Post
    Did someone here grab this? Would love to hear some feedback if so!
    yep, I’ve always wanted one of these! I’ll let you all know when I get it.

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    Congrats Barry, Looking forward to reading your impressions of this French tuba, and may be hear a clip of it.

    If I remember correctly, the Wessex French tuba that I briefly fiddled with at ITEG had its own unique mouthpiece, which seemed to be more of a small tuba MP than a euphonium mouthpiece.... But I might be wrong.

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