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Thread: Should I switch to Tenor or Bass Trombone?

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    Thank you so much for the responses, I'm going to try and answer a few questions while I have the time. But first, I would like to clarify that I have not yet talked to my band directors about switching just yet. I plan on asking the end of this semester right before school ends. I am currently busy with UIL and have a euphonium solo to work on, so I am going to ask when our band is done playing music for the semester. Now, to answer Mr. Deans question " what orchestra positions are open for you?". I haven't looked into orchestra positions yet because I plan on doing this when I get out of high school. I know that doesn't answer your question, but I haven't looked at nearby orchestras yet.
    Dave's comment about mouthpieces. I did have this in mind when thinking about what I would rather switch to, and I know that I would have to adjust to the larger mouthpiece with bass. I am going to sleep on it about which instrument, but as of right now I am interested in bass trombone.
    To follow up on aroberts781 comment, "Keep studying and playing the euphonium in addition to the trombone if you enjoy it and then one day when you are a huge trombone star in a major orchestra you can play all the euphonium parts that come along and continue raising the euphonium's profile for the next generation." This right here is the plan, to main trombone, then have euphonium to play when it is needed.
    And thank you acemorgan and Mr. Gary for the input, I am going to keep this in mind.

    Once again, thank you for the input and information, I really, really appreciate it.

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    I would like to chime in. I played trombone, euphonium, and tuba in high school. Since then I have played all of them separately.

    Do you have access to play different trombones? Have you played a trombone?

    What model euphonium do you play? If it is a large bore compensating euphonium I recommend you play a .547" bore tenor trombone with an F-attachment (it takes a large bore mouthpiece). You can even keep the same mouthpiece. I played bass parts in the orchestra with a similar horn with the advantage of also being able to play the second and first parts if needed. I could also play in jazz, rock, and concert groups with it.

    Bass trombone is a specialty which I found better doubled with tuba. When you get into bass trombone you have many more (expensive) options concerning single valve, double vale, configuration, etc. I do not know your budget.

    Good luck with your choice.
    John Packer JP274L Euphonium
    Dont only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.
    ― Ludwig van Beethoven

  3. I was in the same kind of situation 11 years ago as a euphonium player that wanted to become a professional musician in an orchestra or band. I knew there would be more opportunities playing trombone so I made the switch. Bass trombone was not an option at that point but its something I`ve played a bit during my studies and after for some auditions.

    Bass does need a bigger mouthpiece but my advice would be to not go bigger than a Bach 1.5G/Schilke 58 at first. Although you`ll need to play deeper parts than tenor trombones, most bass trombone/3. Trombone parts stays in the staff and above for the majority of the time and a smaller mouthpiece will help making the transition easier. I would say that bass trombone blows and plays more similar to euph with the larger bore.

    Switching to tenor would allow you to use the same mouthpiece on both instruments or at least the same rim size. But other than that, I find tenor and euph to differ more in approach than bass and euph does.

    And like so many others have told you; keep playing both horns! I did and it has given me many more playing opportunities both for fun and professionally. I hope some of this helps you decide

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    Thank you Nastynoff and Rodgeman for the input. To answer Rodgeman's question about instruments, I play on a yamaha Neo silver plated with a trigger that has been provided by the school. I am pretty positive about my school providing instruments. I have never played trombone before, but I do plan on asking at the end of the semester right before summer break for school starts.
    Hope this answered some of your questions. And yes, if I am able to make the switch, I plan on playing both instruments!

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