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Thread: Roger Behrend - Live Performance of Fantasia di Concerto

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    Roger Behrend - Live Performance of Fantasia di Concerto

    This is from the Army Band's annual workshop. This is a tough go for a live performance! I remember Steven Mead having a bit of trouble getting through this piece at a TUSAB gig some years later.

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    Wow Dave! You're digging deep for some of these old recordings! This is a great example for anyone looking to see how his playing changed through the years! For reference, this is in between the CD's "Elegance" and "Shared Vision of Excellence". Definitely cool to see the timeline!
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    This was the first piece that I heard that really impressed upon me what a euphonium could do. The local library had an LP (from late 70s) of Air Force Band soloists and Brian played this piece. Roger's version is great for a live recording. In a lesson he told me that this piece is one where things don't always go the way you want them to!



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