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Thread: Post Tooth Extraction

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    Post Tooth Extraction

    About a week and a half ago, I had to get my bottom right molar which had a root canal done to it extracted as I cracked the tooth in half thanks to a bacon bit which I had with a salad. Though I have been 'temporarily laid off' because of covid in April, my employer didn't cut off my group insurance with them so it didn't cost me too much money.

    I am wondering how long should I wait until I can 'safely' practice? I feel about 80% better now and can almost smile without too much pain. I am afraid of going back at it too soon or go too aggressively practicing.

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    First, you should check with your dentist! I THINK the most important thing is to not disrupt the clotting process. He/she may have other constraints to consider as well.

    Beyond that I would try to let comfort be my guide, with an acceptance of MILD discomfort. For one thing, pain can cause you to compensate is some way, which could cause odd problems for your chops later. You can do a lot of work in the lower register with your fingers - we need to use lots of valves down there! Gradually build the range up, never pushing into much pain. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor! (Although I have had A LOT of dental work done over the years.)
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  3. I had my dental surgery (extraction, implant, bone graft) about 3 1/2 weeks ago. I started playing last week. I agree with Dave, check with your oral surgeon.

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    I have had 3 teeth pulled and replaced with implants. I have one additional tooth that was pulled, and since it is on the end and next to an implant, I decided not to replace it. I waited 4-5 days before playing, on the advice of my dentist. So, perhaps that gives you a ballpark, but you have to listen to the dentist and be sure it is good to go. For each of my implants, I spent less than a week before playing, and I had no problems. Again, YMMV so do check with your dentist.
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