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    Does anyone have any information on G. Magnan, composer of the Concerto, originally for trombone and piano? I am just looking to find some basic information for program notes, with no success. I'm starting to think he or she worked for the CIA. It would be a big find to know what the "G." stands for! Thanks for any information!

  2. Not sure if you saw my other post (still trying to figure the website out.)

    But what I found is another composition by someone by the same name

    In the link it has the last name as Gabriel so that may be the G. I followed through other compositions of the author of the trombone concerto on

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    SpartyEuph: You may deserve a prize for that question! I've been digging around, including in some very obscure corners of the internet, and can find nothing but "G." for a first name. I'm about half sure that the composer is French, but there is no hint of a first name.
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  4. Nate: thanks for the leads. I agree with Dave that the composer is French, as your source seems to indicate. Several facsimiles of cover pages on compositions simply indicate "G." Maybe the first name is Gargoyle, so he used just the first letter? Garrrr!

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    This piece was studied by all of us in Dr. Falcone’s studio back in the day. Go Green!

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