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Thread: Howard Johnson RIP

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    Howard Johnson RIP

    Acclaimed tubist and multi-instrumentalist Howard Johnson has died at age 79. I first discovered Mr. Johnson while listening to Taj Mahal's album, "The Real Thing." I was finally able to hear him live with his group "Gravity" at the 2014 ITEC conference, in Bloominton, Indiana. He didn't disappoint.
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    Thanks for posting this. I have fond memories of Mr. Johnson's tuba from Taj Mahal's "Tom and Sally Drake", from that album.
    My condolences to Mr. Johnson's family and friends.
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    One day, many years ago, I was at Dillons Music in North Jersey and met Howard. He was there to get a tuba repaired and we had a nice conversation. I knew who he was and he was a very nice person. I think that somewhere I have his business card. A great player!

    Little Jimmy


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