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  1. Commissioning New Music

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently engaged in some top secret projects commissioning a major new Concerto for Euphonium from a composer here in England as well as another piece based around the theme of legacy which is currently being written and I hope to have more information on early next year.

    When I commission a new piece of music, I usually have a theme or story in mind however bringing these pieces of life often require quite a bit of background work as well as having the captial in place.

    My first question is what experiences have you had with commissioning new music and is it still important for us to commission new music for our instrument especially considering the vast amount of music already available to us.

    I have a list of composers which I would love to commission music from as well as a long term plan for making these commissions a reality however I have recently discovered commissioning consortium and I wondered how these systems work. I have tried to contact The UK Euphonium Foundation but have not been able to make any contact as of yet. I wondered how much of an impact these consortium's made to getting new music produced.

    I look forward to discussing this fascinating subject.

    Best Wishes,

    Micah Dominic Parsons

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    Great topic, Micah. I know you and I have discussed this privately. I certainly think it’s important to commission new works, and the consortium is definitely the primary way new band works get commissioned in the US. Typically these are university based, and are led by one university band program.

    Most of my commissions have been by myself, although I was recently joined as co-commissioner by another member of this board for a piece that is still confidential.

    I’ve commissioned a total of 21 works, most for solo or small ensemble.

    Don Winston

  3. Hello Don,

    It is great to hear from you! I wanted to start by wishing you a Happy New Year! I have to admit you're recent commissions have really inspired me and I know we have spoken at great lengths about this subject.

    I have been exploring recent commissions and I know there has been a recent Euphonium Solo written by Philip Sparke as well as new commissions which are still in the work by Philip Harper and Howard Evans as well as a new Euphonium Concerto which will be written for Steven Mead by Philip Sparke in a few year's time.

    I myself would love to hear a second concerto from Anthony Barfield based upon another theme. He has a unique sense and style in music which I have never heard before.

    I have been trying to make contact with The Euphonium Foundation UK but there doesn't seem to be much information surrounding this as I think it would be great to commission new music from the likes of Pete Meechan, Tom Davoren, Jacob Vilhelm Larsen, Steven Verhelst and many others.

    I hope we will be able to catch up soon Don!

    Best Wishes,

    Micah Dominic Parsons

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    I have commissioned works from Tom Davoren, and Pete Meechan, and my most recent was two works from Steven Verhelst that were to have been premiered at the postponed Don Winston & Friends 12 that had been scheduled for June of 2020.

    As for Anthony Barfield, he’s back writing again after a hiatus into hip hop production, so hopefully there’s another concerto in him. If you haven’t heard the two pieces commissioned by The NY philharmonic during COVID, do check them out.

    Finally, there will be an orchestral version of "Heritage" coming soon.



  5. Hello Don,

    This is incredible to hear! I am going to have to explore these new pieces! I am going to attempt to contact Anthony Barfield in the hope of exploring something new with him. I absolutely love you're dedication to commissioning new and exciting pieces of music and I am really excited to see these pieces myself. 'The Heritage Concerto' is absolutely incredible and I have not heard anything like it anywhere else. It is a unique work which I one day hope to perform myself.

    This is absolutely wonderful news in regards to 'The Heritage Concerto'. I cannot wait to hear this performed.

    Best Wishes,

    Micah Dominic Parsons

  6. Micah,

    I am the co-commissioner of the work by a well known composer (as yet undisclosed) with Don Winston mentioned above. Over the last 10+ years, I have commissioned perhaps 4 other complete pieces including a euphonium concerto, one original brass band composition and two arrangements, and a couple of piano reduction accompaniments for baritone or euphonium solos.

    Don has SUBSTANTIALLY increased the quality and scope of works for euphonium and several types of brass ensembles with works premiered at "Don Winston and Friends". His work is not only the commissioning, but the organization and promotion of his bi-annual (except for this year) "pro-am" recitals featuring some of the world's finest soloists combined with dedicated amateurs.

    Thank you Don for all that you are doing for us.

    Sterling Virtuoso 1065HGS & Adams E3 Prototype 0.70 Top Sprung valves
    Sterling Virtuoso 1050HGS baritone
    New England Brass Band
    Winchendon Winds/Townsend Military Band

  7. Hello Doug,

    I have been following Don for quite a few years and I absolutely admire his approach to promoting the Euphonium. I cannot wait to hear more about this new project. This is rather exciting!

    I think it is so important that we have people like Don who organise such special and unique events and I hope one day to see this very special event in person.

    Best Wishes,

    Micah Dominic Parsons


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