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Thread: Made a new multitrack with Vocals

  1. Made a new multitrack with Vocals

    Hi All,

    We made a new multitrack. This time adding a vocalist.

    Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think....

    Thanks for listening.
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    Good job. Thanks for posting. Not what I was expecting but I enjoyed it.
    John Packer JP274L Euphonium
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    I very much liked this! I would like to hear more like this. It does come across more like a music video than how multi-track recordings are typically presented.

    The vocalist's voice and style combined nicely with the instrumentation. And the storytelling in the camera work reflected the content of the music/song well.

    It is definitely a song for the year 2020.

    - Sara
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  4. Thanks for those nice comments Rodgeman and Sara.
    Appreciate it!


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