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Thread: Valve guide temporary fix?

  1. Valve guide temporary fix?

    I am playing some carols outside soon but am having trouble with my first valve. The black plastic valve guide on the top of the piston has worn down somewhat so that it is prone to lifting up from the valve, preventing the piston from going down. I have ordered some new ones but I have to play before they are going to arrive. Does anyone know any temporary fixes for this?

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  2. What model of horn do you have? There isn't a local source for valve guides in your area? If the guide is lifting up from the valve core is it cracked or broken vs just worn? That is not the same thing. I would try using the valve guide from another valve on the sticking one. Not a lot to be done with the broken one. Knowing where you live and what horn you have you might be able to find (or be found) by someone here with the same equipment. Good luck.
    John Packer JP274 MKII S


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