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Thread: Note naming conventions

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    Yeah, it gets confusing, not least because if you ask a Trombone player what a "high F" is, that is likely not to be the same "high f" that a Tuba player is referring to, but that also depends on what kind of tuba they are playing.

    Add into that transposing instruments and everything gets confused.
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    For me it's the following:
    'Pedal' refers to everything from pedal (or fundamental/1st harmonic) concert Bb/tc C down.
    'Low [note]' refers to everything inbetween 2nd partial concert Bb and pedal Bb.
    'Middle [note]' or 'normal/[nothing]' refers to everything inbetween tuning concert Bb and 'low' Bb.
    'High [note]' is for everything inbetween tuning concert Bb and the Bb an octave above that (8th partial iirc?).
    'Top [note]' refers to anything from that 8th partial concert Bb upwards.

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    I really like the precision of scientific notation - middle C is C4. The tuning note for a euphonium is Bb3 and for Bb trumpet is Bb4. That flashy ending note for "Carnival in Venice" is Eb5 for euphonium and Eb6 for cornet.

    I acknowledge that this is not common terminology - high, upper, middle, low, and pedal are more descriptive terms - but they can lead to imprecision. After all, elementary school my top note was high F - F4 - yet by college that was just F, since I could reach D5 (in warmup only!) by then.
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