Hello all,

(I first apologize as I did not know the appropriate subforum to post in)
It's been years since I've posted on this forum. I happened upon this website while browsing and was surprised by the low prices when I entered "euphonium " and "baritone horn" in the search engine. I have yet to come across anything costing more than $70. This seems suspicious as similar listings on eBay are at least a few hundred dollars. In fact these horns seem to be a bit too similar to the eBay listings. I should add that Hillorest seems to be more of a household goods/furniture site, but they do list euphonium (mainly used american style) for very cheap. This site seems suspicious to me. What are your thoughts? Here is a list of results for "baritone horn"

(Edit: Unfortunately, this link only gets you to the website. You will have to manually input euphonium or your preferred topic on the search engine; apologies)