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Thread: FS: Willson Euphonium and Gig Bag

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    I'm not familiar with older Willsons either but if they were stamped the same as more recent ones, the model number would be visible in photos 5 and 6. It also looks like some work may have been done on the shank as well, so it may be rotated or replaced (perhaps to a large shank from a medium shank?)

    One other way to get a good idea of the model is by measuring the bell diameter. Current 2900's measure 11.41" and 2950's 12.20". I'm not sure if these are correct for older horns, but at least in newer horns the bell is give-away (especially if someone has replaced shanks).

  2. The bell is the 11.4” and it has a large shank based on my measurements. Whether it was changed from a medium shank in the past, I do not know. Thanks for the info!

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    That probably solves the mystery then. 2900's historically came with medium/euro shanks so it was replaced with an after-market large shank, thus no longer having the model number.

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    Also, older models do not have the model number on the shank. Mine is from 1980 and does not.

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    Mine is 1985 and is stamped on back of valves.

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