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Thread: Opinions about this brand?

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    Opinions about this brand?

    Any thoughts about this euphonium?

    I recently found this Euphonium, very good looking: silver plated with gold trim on the tubing. It is a compensating euphonium with 4 valves and it has trigger too. It is the Conn-Selmer 300EH. Anyone had/have this instrument? How would describe it? Is Conn-Selmer a good euphonium brand?

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    This was previously discussed on this forum
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  3. Opinions about this brand?

    Hello Everyone!

    I recently joined this forum a couple months ago and I thought I would make my first post today. The thread that I'm replying to is what are your opinions on about this brand? I was curious to see what everyone's opinion was on Wessex euphoniums. I'm currently a sophomore in college studying music and I currently play on a Yamaha non-compensating euphonium (YEP-321). It is a nice horn that I have taken extremely good care of. I was thinking about purchasing a compensating horn. I was looking at buying a Boozey & Hawks Imperial from a UK site, but I was also interested in buying a Wessex 'Dolce' I have heard good things about these horns and since I'm going to be making the transition to a compensating from you I want to make sure that I make the transition as smooth as possible by choosing a great horn. I would go with a Wilson or Besson, but they can tend to be pricey. I feel like the Wessex or the Boozey would your quality instrument and most importantly he worth the money. I want to make sure I'm also getting a good value and a horn that is going to last me a long time. Everyone's opinions and thoughts are valued and appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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    I've been playing a Dolce for a couple years, after 5-ish years of playing a differently stamped Jinbao compensating horn. Both are / were good bang for the buck. I wish I could have had either of them when I was a euph-playing music education major back in the late '60s,

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