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Thread: HBC Heavy 4th Cap - Compared in Large Room

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    Quote Originally Posted by davewerden View Post
    ...I think it entirely possible that for some types of playing in some types of rooms, I might want to switch whether I use the heavy cap or not. It's a bit early for me to really know that, though.
    Yes, me too. I am playing with the Adams heavy cap (one that is very similar to the Sterling long heavy cap). I have been using it for about two weeks. I want to get totally used to it for a period of time, then I will switch back to the standard cap and see what I hear. (I guess that would be hear what I hear). I have found nothing to dislike in the Adams heavy cap so far. I like the way my horn "feels" when using it.

    But, like you, I am still in the evaluation phase.

    Some things are harder than others to make a choice. I told my wife after our first date that I was going to marry her. Why can't I make a quick, much less consequential decision about something that screws on to the bottom of my 4th valve??!!
    John Morgan
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    Black Hills Brass Quintet (Tuba)

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    Thanks for taking the time to evaluate our HBCs everyone and each and every comment is appreciated. We're all built differently, as indeed are the instruments we play and it's about personal choice. For me, I do like the HBC on my Boosey & Co Solbron Imperial Euphonium 112137 (November 1923). My ears are November 1947 and having recently taken advantage of a free hearing test at our local audiology hospital (a free offer assuming everyone over 70 will need some sort of hearing aid and the pound signs that go there-with), the operative was visibly most annoyed that my hearing tests came out at an average 98.4% in low, medium and high frequencies and his sales figures for the week were going to take a hit by 2,100!! All the Blighty best from Chris, Gary and Sybil in the Office at HBC.

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    The first time I listened to the clips, it was "blind", with my eyes closed. The difference was clear in all cases. The heavy cap definitely adds more "gravitas" as Doug mentioned, but the sound without has more "zing" (higher overtones) which I found very appealing; especially with the Sousa excerpt. I can imagine playing with or without depending on the context. For example, playing in an American community band might be best without the heavy cap.

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